6 thoughts on “N2O – Gods Of Nitrous”

  1. SIDE – B: 11:40

    Now is just need to fill my 20LB tank.


  2. OOOOoooohhhh hell yeah. I had this tape way back when. The track listing was like a bible to me. Serious deja vu right now.

  3. This was one of the first or was the first cassette tape I bought in the electronic rave underground edm warehouse afterhours hardcore music style, whatever. I just called it techno. And this tape…… ah fu@k!!!!
    This is the only tape I need. I’ve played it so many times it has its own office in my skull.

  4. Brian aka N2O was probably the most underrated badass DJ in the early days. I’ve only seen him playing a couple of times… Dude was a fuckin beast.

  5. Hadnt heard of this dj, but i do know N20 Dan weeks from tampa fla that kicked it w another techno dj named augustin sandoval from L.A. . I grew up in fontana/san berdoo/L.A. scenes. Was 12 in 1990 when i got into house music,dancing n stuff then migrated to specifically techno ,trance,rave,uk hardhouse,hard trance. Ahhh man do i miss hoover sounds :( but anyways… i do have a question. I had a mix tape from 91/92 had dildo, put on ur raving shoes and boarding a plane touchdown in middle of pouring rain, oh nana nana oh nana “think was 2 unlimited” that song anyway. But also had kali mah exchatiti from temples of doom,the original techno tetris song, think may had elevator up n down but mnew had praga khan injected w a poison and 9mm but pretty sure was a 90/120 min tape and had the baddest shit ive ever heard together” may have ahd smart es on it, think had dcruz life ohh and i remmeber at end of one side had born to be alive “disco” i believe. If anyone knows the mix tape please hook it up n dj please.

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