Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3




This is the third Acid Junky mixtape from the original three part series of mixes, recorded in 1994, by Josh McClintock.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3 (Stairway To Heaven)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3 (XXXXXXXX)


Side 1

The Trackmasters – Open Sesame
Gypsymen – Bounce
Dave Angel – Bounce back
Indo Tribe – Shrink
Edge Records -Vol. 1
Future Sounds of London – Innate
MKM – Native Dance Principle
Sound effects
Dave Angel – Jungle Love
Lazor Worshippers – LW Theme
Moody Blues – Days of Future Past
Little Green Men – Close Encounters

Side 2

Todd Terry – I’ll do Anything
Bobby Konders – Bad Boy Dance
Too Critical – Fingers in a trance
Prefab Sprout – If You Don’t Love Me
FSOL – Papau New Guinea
Altern 8 – Brutal 8
3 Man Jury – Digital Autopsy
Kinky Riba – Check it out
Raw – Kaos
BBR Streetgang – Funk it up

Source: Josh “Acid Junky” McClintock

8 thoughts on “Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3”


  2. Thanks guys! This is actually the last tape I recorded before I moved to NY in early ’96. I’m really proud of all 3 tapes but the first side of this one is my personal favorite. I used to have this really cool boombox that I would take everywhere with me (the beach,parking lot of a party,mountains) this tape got a lot of play on that ol thing. BIG THANK YOU again to Jason here at SIMFONIK for digitizing these and posting them up on this AMAZING site! I would also like to let you know that Jason has asked me to do an ACID JUNKY 4 especially for the site. I’ve almost completed it…and when I do I’ll send it in. June, July most likely. I decided to keep in the spirit of things and record it to tape…..i am having a hard time finding actual NICE tapes to buy though hahahaha! Also…I have about 10k more records than when I put out AJ3….so selecting records for it was quite the process. Fun as &^%$ though I must admit! Thank you to everyone that gave these a listen…..back then ..and now. Enjoy!

  3. Just so there’s no confusion, the Prefab Sprout “If You Don’t Love Me” is a FSOL remix.

  4. Actually….to be perfectly precise…The one I played is a remix of that remix off of Twitch Recordings Compilation #8 by Mike Wertheim.

  5. 12 minutes in and Lovin it! Bass is making my pant legs vibrate! Lol!! Hope to catch you in SD soon!

  6. Thanks dude! Man I used to play in SD a lot…I had some great times there! I sure would love to come back!!! If you know any promoters that would like me to play please spread the word.

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