DJ Trance – Mindscratch



Recorded in 1992, this is the first in a series of two Mindscratch mixtapes by DJ Trance. 100% natural ingredients: two turntables; one mixer; one stack of crazy-fresh techno records.

DJ Trance – Mindscratch (Side A)


DJ Trance – Mindscratch (Side B)


Source: Shaggy

15 thoughts on “DJ Trance – Mindscratch”

  1. hold on tight and not get blown away . … GIVE IT PUNK, GIVE IT UP, I MAKE IT ROUGHER THE ROUGHR GETS. @ 10:00 side A —- That’s what’s cracking…. This tapes gets me so High! We used roll through parking lot of Universal on “L” trying to go see Movies. Blasting… Folks would look at us & point like we straight KRAZY. Pulling up to red lights on Ventura Blvd were worse. People hated US.

  2. The endings are so funny….

    Side:A – Toray Malaina …. Toray Malaina ….And Watney’s Red Barrel…TOOO FUNNY!

    Side:B – Dudes second theory….I shall shoot you…. OOOOOweeeeeee.

    Toray Malaina …. Toray Malaina

    That shit is out of control.


  3. this is the first tape I officially “released”. 19 years later very proud of it. feels like a different person made it. new djs: have your first tape sound like this and you’ll get booked? i don’t know? wtf! crazyness this thing is from another person i think. i kind of remember making it. respect to what and dare and insomniac where these sold for $5. dang

  4. Damn right $5. I rember buying this from you while you were hanging out the window in front of 12th & hope. BTW no another person did not make this LOL!

  5. I am one of the lucky ones. I don’t think I paid for this one or any of Jason’s dope ass breakbeat techno tapes. Although they are worth 1000 times what I paid for them. Lol. No really. I’d buy this for a dollar.

  6. . Possible I do.know that the drugs do.have some side effects on the brain … WHATCHA GONNA DO?!
    bought this from Dezz at 14th and central for $5
    21 years later still unique. I don’t know what half the songs on here are and probably never will

  7. Dude, been looking for this bomb ass demo track for years! me and my boys used to listen to it all the time! thanks for sharing!

  8. I’ve heard a ton of mixes from the English originals on Youtube. None of them besides HYPE or Faydz were beatjuggling or scratching. DJ Trance and LA were doing it right!

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