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  1. Hey,
    Only Side B is able to Download, can listen to Side A but the link to Side A gives me Side B….. Thanks for posting it though….

  2. Dude..I have been trying to find this to replace the tape that I wore out years ago!!! But how about “Pop goes the balloon”?? PLEASE!!!!


  4. I actually stumbled upon this site by accident at work today. Luckily I work for a law firm, cause I’m gonna sue!! Hahaa!! Just kidding!! I honestly appreciate the support and comments. Thanks to Simfonik for downloading my tape and Jared for supplying it. I’ve gotten SO many requests from people asking me to put my old tapes on mp3, CD, etc., so thanks for doing me a favor. I might as well give you copies of my other tapes to download, cause I’ve been procrastinating about this FOREVER. Yeah, I know, I’m a lazy ass!!! Hahaa!! I’d rather chill and play Call of Duty: Black Ops than go digging thru an old box of my tapes! *lol* Thanks again to everyone!!!

    Brian (DJ N2O)

  5. Thanks Jake. I appreciate that :)

    Hey Kram. I’m one of the few pc players. You can usually find me on this server: [EGC]’s 24/7 Nuketown TDM, under the name “j_steppa”. I’ll be the one “camping”! Hahaa!!

  6. Oh man oh man. N20 put out my favorite mixtapes ever. I just loved this one- driving around in my van with this on was- well, pretty much the epitome of getting AMPED! yes, thanks so much for this. God, if someone had Pop the Balloon…. . Was that the one with the old BSG Cylon intro??/

  7. Hey G2V,

    I gave all my old school tapes to Simfonik (including Pop! Goes the Balloon) not sure why the other ones never got put up. Check with Simfonik.


  8. DJ N2O, would love a tracklisting of “Losing My Mind”! Out of hundreds of mixtapes I own, that’s still in the top 10 of my favs.

  9. DJ N2O, do you still have all your records? Someone really needs to get you and Jughead back on the 2×4 for a old school reunion… Those sets were sick as fuck

  10. Jared,

    Yep! Still have all my records. They’ll be going with me to my grave! Hahaa! ;)


    I’ll have to do some major digging, but I’ll try and see if I can find the tracklisting for that tape. Just check back here periodically.

    Thanks to everyone for their comments and support! :)

    DJ N2O (Brian)

  11. GOOD NEWS!!!!

    I finally got off my lazy (_l_) and got most of my mix CD’s up on Mixcloud. Here’s the link: https://www.mixcloud.com/dj_n2o/
    These are all mix CD’s that I never released, so enjoy! :) I’m going to try and get the remainder of my DJ tapes up on there too.

    Larry, unfortunately I don’t have a track listing for the Losing My Mind tape. Normally I would write the tracks down before recording, but there were a few recordings where I was just “winging it”. I just listened to that tape recently and I’m kicking myself for not writing the tracks down. The only track I know for sure is the first track on side A, which is Communique #11 – “Channeling”. I’m going to put this tape on Mixcloud as well. Stay tuned.

    DJ N2O (Brian)

  12. i have no idea what triggered this memory. i happened upon this page in a random roundabout way. this brings back memories. i used to have this tape a long time ago. the last time i was at a rave was late 1996. jeez… i remember rushing the speaker stacks at hardcore parties. what fun. those were the days.

  13. Really need a clean copy of Pop Goes the Balloon… my original is so beat down… please o please…

  14. Sorry for all the questions but if there are no track list available Can you tell me the genre and time frame life’s a gassssss came out? Thanks again

  15. Hey Shino. Refresh my memory on Lisa H? Sounds like a good story. lol. As far as the genre, I would say a mixture of hardcore, jungle, breaks and acid. The tape came out around April of 95′. The tracklist is down below……

    SIDE A:
    Stormtroopers of Death – March of the SOD (intro)
    Evil Maniax – We are the Creators of Hardcore
    White Breaks Vol. 3 – Raw Dope Factory
    DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Clean Gun
    Absolute Accapellas – Beat Box
    Michael Whiteline – Crazy
    Edge #10 – Silence of Eternity
    DE 2023 – US Cirillo
    Babylon Timewarp – I Come in Peace
    Noise Factory – I Bring You the Future
    Mole the Dipper – Eye of the Dinosaur
    Sigma 909 – Blow Your Mind
    White Breaks Vol. 1
    HeadHunter – The Iron-Man

    SIDE B:
    Speedy J – Pullover
    GD Mof – Ventec
    Alkahest EP
    Red Light District Vol. 3
    Hocus Pocus 2 – Postcard from Armageddon
    Wedlock – Sinewave Tones
    Alec Empire – Destroyer
    Armageddon – Sunset Party Slamm
    Los Pablos – The Way We Like It
    Jumpstart EP
    The Imposter & Lewi EP
    Two Terrorists – MF
    Source Code – Overmind rmx
    Tenebre – Fat Girls

  16. Would love to hear ‘Pop Goes The Balloon’ again. N2O’s mixes where chalked full of skill creativity and personality.

  17. Hey Brian. I love your tapes. I have been searching for Nitrous Fiend everywhere. Still searching today actually…. know where I can find it? I found the tracklisting and cover art but no audio files. Help please.

  18. To: Mr. N20 and Mr. Simfonik,
    Decades of fear, anxiety, nervousness; I hope the cassette deck doesn’t eat THIS tape!
    Thanks to you two and the internet I can now r e e e l a a a x.

  19. Sorry for the late response but thank you so much for taking the time for a track list . I really do appreciate it. Last name was Huston lol

  20. I hope you find your way back hear Brian. Thank you so much for the track list. I have one question I hope you can answer so my life can be complete. Jumpstart EP? Can’t find it anywhere. Is there a name to the song I should be looking for? Please Ob1, you’re my only hope

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