11 thoughts on “Mark Lewis – Circa 92”

  1. Wade Hampton & a guy named Simon from the UK (I think I remember) are the MC’s for this portion. Crazy but awesome night!!

  2. I wish that guys voice wasnt steping all over the mix . The music and the mixing is just incredible .

  3. What’s a “poppin’ fresh” that he keeps repeating?
    03:08 Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
    17:42 Zero B – Lock Up
    23:57 DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven

  4. “pop n’ fresh” was the name of the collaborating team- a kitschy name- kinda like the umbrella under which it all happened. the flyer/poster that opened up had some cool graphics for the time.

  5. Bro!!! Mark Lewis is sooooooo fucking awesome! Does he know that he created the mix to the best weekend of my life?????I put him on the top of all the LA rave dj’s (yea, I know he’s from the UK, and fuck, there were some killer dj’s from LA)

    and somebody shut up this ed out wanna be real housewive of La….he is singing to the shit…..I would have been dragged off in handcuffs for slapping this bitch

  6. The MC totally ruined this party for me. So fucking annoying. There were quite a few of us that begged for him to stop.

  7. Hi everyone, anyone know the name of the track at 21:12? really awesome and greatly appreciate any answers.

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