Moonpup – This Is Moon Pup



House and techno mixtape, recorded in 1991 by DJ Moonpup, released by The Milky Way Acid House Family.

Moonpup – This Is Moon Pup (Heart Side)


Moonpup – This Is Moon Pup (Smile Side)


Tape Source: Josh McClintock

20 thoughts on “Moonpup – This Is Moon Pup”

  1. Almost 100% positive this tape was made using reel to reel…….forgot how clean and good it was…
    Track list
    Side 1
    Altern 8- Infiltrate
    Crystal Waters-Making Happy
    Coco Steel and Lovebomb-Feel it
    Photon Inc.-Generate Power
    Little Louie Vega and Marc Anthony-Ride the Rhythm
    Musto and Bones-Dangerous on the Dancefloor
    Dj Massive- Massive Overload
    Praga Kahn-Rave Alarm
    Subject 13-The Promise

    Side 2
    Electric Choc-Shock the Beat
    Cubic 22-Night in Motion
    Bizarre Inc.-Playing with Knives
    Jinny-Keep Warm
    Frequency-Where is your evidence?
    Modular Expansion Unit-Cubes remix
    Modular Expansion Unit-Hip in the House
    Dj Dick-Weekend
    Digital Boy-Gimme a Fat Beat
    Turntable Terror-Break
    N.R.G.-Trip Switch

  2. Sketch Pad was definitely good times!
    I remember the first one in Santa Monica at the pub, off and running! Thank You Rose!!!!

  3. Moopup was always my favorite Sketch Pad DJ!

    I have a copy of ‘Another Dimension’ mixtape I bought off him after a great set at Sketch Pad/ Anthenian Gardens. Wicked mix of techno house!

  4. I would like to say… well spotted…. I do belief this mix was created on reel to reel 4 track…. I was working for KROQ and POWER 106 doing late night mixes and I had a 4 track teac my dad gave me….. It was fun times, but yes I tried to always put out nothing but perfect mixes etc with my name on it ….. Didn’t always succeed, but this was a fun mix and I was in an era of creativity and competitiveness that helped push me to become a better DJ Ultimately !! Most of these records sadly I no longer have due to my constant moving from city to city, country to country…. but like Jim Morrison once said after being told he’d never play the Ed sullivan Show again, … I Just played the Ed Sullivan Show !!! LOL !! I have all these old mixes to share as they represent my contribution to the rave culture and evolution of music throughout my life and many of yours…. I am honored to have touched so many more people than I ever imagined !! I am truly blessed and Im not even religious…. DJ Moonpup

  5. Moonpup! Thank you so much for sharing those old mixes! I was the one that turned in this tape here to Simfonik….and let me tell you bro…I almost played it to death!!!! Your creativity and love of the music definitely shines through. Thank you.

  6. great tracklist – love that era – everything was still so new and underground dance was all over the boards – nice job Josh on donating and for tracklist – I think I still own almost all those records still :D – BIG UPS Moonpup – cheers!

  7. Love the mixes and tunes from this era, great job Moonpup!
    A couple of these missing tracks are on the tip of my tongue especially Side A 16:00 i will post if I end up remembering. Side B @ 26:30 – Virtual Reality – Make Some Noise

  8. Is there a mix out there with “Its a Fine Day” track out there? Heard on an old cassette of my ex labeled “Moon Pup” back in the early 90s. Perhaps mislabeled, but a lovely chill mix. Cannot find anywhere.

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