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Fester Trance 3, released in February 1994, is the third in the series of 4 collaborative mixed tapes by DJ Trance and Fester. Be sure to listen to the first mixtape and second mixtape from the series if you haven’t already.

DJ Trance – Frozen Toothpaste


Fester – Brainfart


21 thoughts on “DJ Trance & Fester – Fester Trance 3”

  1. SUPER AWESOME DOPE MONKEY BALL SWEAT!! I FREAKING LOVVVVE THIS TAPE! SiMfOnIkK RoCkS the tables out this mugg!!!!! thanx homeslice!!!

  2. Wow. I am speechless. I lost my copy. I am so grateful for Simfonik! Thank you for resurrecting these gems! Thanks to everyone for listening!


    -DJ Fester

  3. This has to be one of my all time favorite tapes. Lost my copy more than 12 years ago and searching since. The first 10 min. on the Brainfart side are nothing short of epic (tracklist anyone?). Thank you Fester for your ridiculous talent in this mix. Anybody have a tracklist at all?

    Trance’s side is amazing, and Ive always been wondering what the tracks are that start at 39:10 to the end?

  4. Once I found one of this guys mixtapes on the floor at a party – I think it was titled “86 Degrees” – However, I can not find a copy of it anywhere – It was an awesome mix -any help?

  5. I let a friend borrow my copy way back. Baaad mistake. Thanks for posting now I can enjoy this tape again!

  6. After the clowning around (on the Fester side), there is Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony Too (Benelux Swing Remix). What is the one just after (or the second one) with the crazy drumming and the synthesizer with the flanger effects?

  7. Just to verify, It’s the 2nd track after Pacific Symphony. Also, it’s the one where someone sings “rave, rave, rave, rave… yeah!” Before that, some guy keeps repeating: something, something, “for the bigger & bolder.”
    Just to add everybody else’s information, 28:23 on Fester is Messiah’s “20,000 Hardcore Members” (kind of obvious, I guess). 38:09 is Central Fire’s “This Is A Shout Going Out.”

  8. I think the track is called Bigger and Bolder by The Reanimator. I know it as a hard core song though

  9. Want to know the name of the track that comes in at 15:37….. Can anybody shed some light on this one? I would rewind this track over and over again!

  10. Wow…I just found this site and this was the first thing I looked for..and im still in shock, I finally have it again!!! This was possibly my favorite tape of that time and I thought I would never hear it again! You’ve even got the tape covers and the faces of actual cassette tapes! Thank you so much for this site!

  11. Fester side – First 3 tunes:
    1. Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony (Benelux Swing)
    2. OXY – The Feeling (Instrumental)
    3. 2 Fabiola – The Milkyway

    I hear MNO – God of Abraham at approx. 25:00.
    Messiah – 20,000 Hardcore Members @ 28:00.
    TR99 – Anastatsia @ 33:00? (Or a sample/remix)
    tune @ 36:00?? That’s a good one!

    Last is Gypsy – Funk De Fino (Stated above already)

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