DJ Trance & Fester – Trance Fester 2




Trance Fester 2 (Splat Mission), released in October 1992 (18 years ago!), is the second in the series of 4 collaborative mixed tapes by DJ Trance and Fester. If you haven’t listened to the first tape from this series, which was added to the site almost 2 years ago, do yourself a favor and go listen to it now.

DJ Trance – Strictly Hardcore


Fester – “Hap-e-ness”


23 thoughts on “DJ Trance & Fester – Trance Fester 2”

  1. HOLY SHIT…… I remember this one.. it got played so many damn times that summer… I can’t believe I’ve been into this for over 1/2 of my life now… Hell yes….
    And sorry I am slacking on sending the tapes I promised you… hopefully this week.

  2. Whoa… Just listened to my side of this for the first time in who knows how long…12 years?  What a trip. Little choppy but def kept me on my feet on edge the whole time. Points for creativity for sure. Was workin hard!

  3. I have been looking for Frankie Bones set from Big Wig Thumper. I remember he opened with bounty hunter. I couldn’t even tell you the year…. most things from the 90’s are a bit fuzzy. Anyone have that tape by chance ?

  4. Jasons side is probably my favorite side of hardcore tape of all time. Good old D.A.R.E. days. I stilll have the original tape. It still amps me up at the gym to this day. Great music. How a hardcore tape should be ;) Good job.

  5. so full of epic stuff. jason’s side is fucking crazy.. please for the love of god tell me what the track coming in @ 33: is. a fallen homie of mine TIKA RIP used to go ape shit over that one and i’ve been hunting that down for ages now… thanks.. ups to “baker” for the d.a.r.e mention.. d.a.r.e was dope

  6. i am talking about the trance side but the one coming in @ 33: and on @ 34: thank you for your time

  7. Proper request rifle, always wanted to know what that was, but ghat DAMN 26:21 is such a solid portal to the classic warehouse sound, FUCK!!!!! I LOVE THAT SHIT

  8. Ha! Just went looking for that Bones tape from Big Wig Thumper and found this thread. Fun times. Mark Farina spinning outside. Rabbit in the Moon with some crazy sparks ridden stageshow on the inside. And Frankie Bones dropping some killer track that kept saying “Let the beat control your mind.” I’ve got some great photos burried somewhere in SoCal from this event. Peace!

  9. I have this tape!
    I haven’t heard this mix in since back in the 90s. I dont even have a tape deck to listen to all these old tapes. I think nothing will ever compare to the scene and music from 89 – 94’ish. Early 90s were crazy and a lot of good times/music. Its always good memories to hear some of these old mixes. I loved the early R.A.W and DJ TRANCE (Jason Blakemore) Mixes!!

  10. Looking for two track I.D.s on Trance’s side.
    1) The 3rd track listed in the cover as Terrorist
    2) 3rd from last listed as Innana.

  11. Fuck… memories of the early days. I sure miss it so… Grateful to have been there since the beginning.
    @blakemore.. please post your 97 Juju beats mix… shits so epic. I love this site….makes me get teary eyed reminiscing of the “Good old days”… Best memories of my life.

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