8 thoughts on “DJ Josh Swissman – Ruff”

  1. Yes!!! I’ve been wanting to replace this for a long time. I lost mine… The sandpaper cover was a great idea. Great jungle tape.

  2. If im not mistaken Josh is the executive director of casino marketing at MGM Mirage Inc now… Nice cushy gig he has going out there in the desert


  3. Triple OG bizniss!!! this reminds me of being really young, really stoned, and just kicking it with the old school homies- good times! “okay, man, you got all my dope, man. give me a break.” “you wanna break?…”

  4. Anyone know the name of the track on side 1 at 7:15 is or what hiphop song the keyboard sample is from? Thanks

  5. I’m sure nobody will see this but if anyone know’s the title or artist of that tune that dude just quoted above me please please let me know. I have seriously been trying to figure that one out since 94. LOL. Cheech and Chong sample. “Got all my dope man, gimme a break” “I don’t know what the hell you call it but it sounds like a bunch of jungle music to me” “Oh where you from” hahaha. Need that record still!

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