15 thoughts on “Steve Loria – Universal Love”

  1. Unfucking believable!!! This tape was stolen from me and i could never find again!

    Thanks Tef, Much love borther!

  2. Also lookin for a ALL WHITE steve loria came out around the same time as this one :)

    First side intros with “TAKE ME HIGHER” track, not sure about the rest of track listing, been awhile since heard it :(



  3. Dude, these tapes bring back some awesome memories…

    I remember when I bought these @ Beat Non Stop on Melrose Blvd. :)

  4. awesome website brings back great memories will look for my old doc and loria tapes. r u guys selling copies?

  5. I have been looking for the mix tape by Steve Loria from Citrusonic……where can I find a digital copy from 1992???? Citrusonic…what a great place…great memories!!!!

  6. Some IDs:

    Side A – Juliet Roberts “Caught In The Middle” (Roach Motel Dub) / Smooth Touch “House Of Love” / House Of Nice “Free (Release Yourself)”

    Side b – Smooth Touch “House Of Love” (More Phearce Mix) / Nu-Solution feat. Tonya Wynne “I Need You (Remix) / The Brotherhood “Love Will Make It Right” (on Esquire Records)

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