Moonpup – Untitled (Property of Tef)



This mixtape was recorded in 1992 by DJ Moonpup. As far as I am aware, this mix was made especially for Tef Foo and was not released to the public.

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Moonpup – Untitled (Property of Tef) (Side A)


Moonpup – Untitled (Property of Tef) (Side B)


Tape Source: Tef Foo

10 thoughts on “Moonpup – Untitled (Property of Tef)”

  1. Thank you for this. Moonpup was one of my fav dj’s of the early 90’s because he had a different sound as is evident by these mixes. Pushing the “Progressive” sound with a touch of house, very smooth especially for 1992.

  2. This mix is phenomenal! Thanks for the upload.

    I’d never heard of Moonpup before (being from the East Coast), but this is a great mix of styles and moods. And I gotta agree with Pedro808 here, this is definitely smooth for 92. Some very creative sample mixing and transitions as well.

    Post more Moonpup please! :)


  3. Thank you thank you thank you for these, I have searched high and low for these mixes MOOnPUP b is one of my most fav DJ’s Jeff at perfect Beat gave me one of his tapes that we played until it broke in my deck then i taped it back together I still have the 1200′ he played on once as well as Doc Steve Loria and countless others but could not find the music anywhere Bring it back, the days of Flammable More Citro and what ever happened to Andrew D

  4. 46min. on side b is Inner City “Pennies from Heaven” (the “elevator” of the Detroit 3). sounds like a live tape (or practice).

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