Markem X – Live At Dub (6-9-94)



We used to party all the time… but now it seems like no one wants to have any fun any more…

Live recording of Markem X, at Dub, held at Louis XIV in Los Angeles, on June 6th, 1994.

Markem X – Live At Dub (6-9-94)


Markem X – Live At Dub (6-9-94)


Source: Tef Foo

12 thoughts on “Markem X – Live At Dub (6-9-94)”

  1. Such a great release. The flip side is brilliant as well. Reminds me of Mojo’s Trancendance tape, which I thought I added already… I need to get that up here.

  2. I listened to this one at work last night. Mark was one of my favorite DJs back in 92. We had some great musical discussions. Is that Jean-Louis on the mic in the latter part of the tape? So funny.

  3. If anyone can please locate and upload Markem X “Acid Indigestion” mixtape circa 92/93, then I would really be eternally grateful. Thanks!

  4. I second that request. I remember side.a started off with (Amorphous Androgynous – Swab). That tape was really dope!

  5. Its on its way in from me….along with 4 Milky Way tapes not posted and a couple other gems.

  6. Ive got Doc Martins SOUL tape from the milky way collection, and a bunch more live sets from Doc, as well as more Ron D, Louis love, Steve Loria and Barry Weaver mixes on the way to Jason, unless the postman is bumping my tapes right now

  7. Many Thanks Josh. That’s the one tape that I never, ever should have let go. Really, this site and people here are fantastic, reminds me of the good ole’ days…

  8. Wow! Where the heck did this come from?! What would you call this — proto-breakbeat? Obscure-as-hell San Fran deep house? Cryptic dark Detroit electro? I’m not totally sure about anything other than being glad I punched “Markem X” into Google tonight. What ever happened to that guy? He seemed to disappear and never did the perma-DJ-touring thing like most of the other L.A. guys did… hmmm.

  9. I hung out with Markem back around 1994 when he came to Las Vegas. I remember it was in some little tiny bar with like 12 people in there. DJ Shoe, DJ Grover and myself (all three of us were Las Vegas’s first underground DJ’s) we’re chilling showing eachother tracks we had and I had mentioned that I was really into slow breaks and some next level shit and Markem says “hey I think I know what kind of stuff you’re into” and next thing you know he busts out these jaw dropping cuts that (by his and my estimation we’re for the average listeners at that time). After he mixed up some trax for me he handed me a tape which had most of these trax on them. I lost the tape through all my moved but I remember exactly what was on the “A SIDE”

    Here’s what it mostly consisted of :

    1. Axis – Rolling With Rai (
    2. Unique 3 – Weight for the Bass (
    3. Anoesis – Hemispheres (Part 1) (I couldn’t find the right version on Youtube)
    4. Micro & Vicious Vic – Annihilating (Dark Break Mix) ( )
    5. Southside Reverb – Reverberation (Neusonic Melodic Remix)(
    6. Pizzaman – Trippin on Sunshine (Playboys Fully Loaded Dub) I think this is the one (
    7. Colorblind – You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (Jon Dasilva Mix)(
    8. Little Axe – Ride On (Fight On) (Skip – Mask Mix) (I couldn’t find the right version on Youtube)

    Enjoy! Nathan Christensen

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