Keoki – Trance Dreamtime Kicking (1)





This mixtape is a test sample from the Let The Street Speak series. It was recorded live in Hollywood, at the Chateau Marmont, during Keoki‘s visit to Los Angeles in January of 1993.

Keoki – Trance Dreamtime Kicking 1 (Side A)


Keoki – Trance Dreamtime Kicking 1 (Side B)


Tape Source: Tef Foo

13 thoughts on “Keoki – Trance Dreamtime Kicking (1)”

  1. This tape, along with the Ron D Core and DJ Dan DX2 tapes I thought I would never ever hear again as they became worn out from so much use. Thank you so much for yet another gem.

  2. Man, What a trip! keoki never disappoints, his productions are stunning I’m thinking that less of 100 of these babys were made making it quite valuable for Keoki collectors this tape is quite odd in my opinion, since It’s classic trance based and keoki usually focused on techno and acid house at that time. also I’m surprised that it was released in the U.S since trance music is mainly produced in Germany and trance releases were very few in U.S with the majority of them being a combination of techno beats and atmospheric pads. but it’s old so it was common to be techno influenced

    I wonder if what records did he included on the mix..

  3. So with a good expectation I started listening to the A-Side. And I really have to say: Goddamnit, this is AWESOME! Thanks for putting this cool stuff online. I wonder why this is so unknown.

    Anyway I will listen to the B-Side soon. And I think this is even more awesome (just like other people told). :-)


  4. I remember this being a double pack, do you have the second tape? We used to love tripping to the second mix.

    Big Ups

  5. shit yea i never thought i would ever find a treasure chest!! thanks alot guys for sharing this wonderful music that brings back wonderful memories i cant wait to contribute i have a couple of tapes like christopher lawrence, thomas michaels, dj tron , delta 9 etc i will look for them and send them in.

  6. THANK YOU for posting this! I remember listening to this mix back in the 90s… I had a copy of a copy, it was stolen from my car along with the radio.. I never thought I would hear these again! Such good memories of great times. If someone has the second tape that goes with this one please upload or link!

  7. Side A
    1. [00:00] Decadance – Velvet Voyage
    2. [05:25] ?
    3. [07:27] ?
    4. [13:06] ?
    5. [19:58] ?
    6. [22:00] The Gatorade’s – The Space Anthem

    Side B
    1. [00:00] ?
    1.5 [00:00] X-102 – Discovers The Rings Of Saturn
    2. [09:45] Wild Planet – Electron
    3. [14:37] Cosmic Baby – Sweet Dreams for Kaa – My Love
    4. [19:00] ?
    5. [23:31] ?
    6. [25:00] Deltraxx – The Source (Emphasis Mix)

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