DJ Trance – The California Project







These mixes by DJ Trance are the final tapes from The California Project box set I started posting a year ago. Many thanks to our friends DJ Thee-O and Jason Blakemore for helping us archive this incredible set.

DJ Trance – Root Canal (Funky Ass Side)


DJ Trance – Root Canal (Libra Side)


DJ Trance – Relish And Mayonaise (Planet E Side)


DJ Trance – Relish And Mayonaise (Mindscratch Side)


Source: DJ Thee-O & Jason Blakemore

8 thoughts on “DJ Trance – The California Project”

  1. Thanx 4 this 1 got this tape back in 95 1st mixtape i ever bought -rave in chicago at dolton expo center called HardCore Chicago
    Never thought id have this again. this is a treat !¡!

  2. Root Canal, on the Libra side, @ 26:30 is Union Jack – Two Full Moons & Trout (Union Jack Mix). Again @ 37:35, we have Union Jack – Two Full Moons & Trout (Original Mix).

  3. thats awesome.I bohgut a doc martin tape that night.It looks the same but yellow.Been looking for tapes similar to it.Thanks.Also looking for frankie bones tapes circa 91-92 with grim reaper on cover.Has about 40 diff.

  4. Botax – I’ve too been looking for those Frankie tapes. it’s been extremely hard, I even paid Frankie 1K for his entire collection as he promised. what i got was a box full of garbage recordings….i lost a lot respect for on that sour deal he jacked on. Im over that whole ordeal!

    Here is a link for some of his mixes, but the one with the grim reaper is not on here…Im looking for that tape as well.

  5. Relish And Mayonaise (Planet E Side) @12:00 is Dissidenten ‎– Jungle Book Part II (Mantra-Trance Mix). After that is Eat Static, just not sure of which track. @ 42:00 is Paragliders ‎– Paragliders (Humate Remix)

  6. Big Thanks to Larry for the id on the one at twelve minutes and you’re right after that Is eat static – implant “It’s like a Flying Saucer!” Also the one that starts the mix is Eat Static as well- the Track is called Uforic Undulence :) same album as implant Abduction don’t know any more except that bow chi bow track is called simply that – Bow Chi can’t remember the artist :)

  7. I could ID more of them if my computer was working but it won’t accept my password and I have no money to fix it- times are tough all over :)

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