15 thoughts on “Insomniac 1 Year Anniversary (Video)”

  1. I would kill just to go to one party back then. The music was crazy and unique, the DJs spun ONLY vinyl, and the environment was a lot different from today.

  2. Hey Jason (simfonik) i was able to dig up these if you would like to borrow them to put up on the site
    Markie Mark – live at project X unlocks the house 1/2/93
    Jeno – live at project X unlocks the house 1/2/93
    Ron D Core & Dj Robin – Funny Farm
    Steve Loria – Acid/Lost Angels
    Barry Weaver – Mushroom Breakbeat

    Lemme me know dude

  3. it can be better then what it was we all just got 2 support the real compastion.jude whats great !!!,an whats not.!respect gods house.give the song wrighters the reckaqnition,so they can feed there familys…(ectda)

  4. iNSOMNiAC.. needs to go back to these roots.. No more massives . Back to the warehouses..

  5. This was the Shark Club in downtown L.A. Quite a few events happened there. If I remember correctly, Family Groove used to be there as well.

    Funny story… I was watching the movie Deep Cover (with Laurence Fishburn), there’s this bathroom scene, and I immediately recognized the bathroom. From the Shark Club.

  6. Wow. It’s all a blur. What weekly venues were at it? Or weekends? I remember other weeklies like Happy Wednesdays, More and Truth.

  7. Very greatful and blessed to have witnessed it live. no camera but i can still remember it clearly… Thank you soooooo much Love and Respects.

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