DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy





Wicked Burning Frenzy, the ultimate hardcore mind f..k project, was released by DJ Dan in 1992.

DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy (Side A)


DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy (Side B)


Track list:

Side A

Bad Influence – Never Too Much – Bad Influence (BI) Records
1st Prodject – Right Before (Remix) – Fokus Recordings
Urban Shakedown – Ruff Justice – Urban Shakedown
Force Mass Motion – Explosion – Rabbit City Records
F.O.X. – Boing – EX-IT Records
R.T.S. – Poing (Jump A Little Higher) – Rotterdam Records
Nu-Tro-Gen – Rollin’ Reptiles – Thunderpussy
Twang – There’s No If – Dance Factory
Turntable Hype – Casanova Make You Jump – Go Bang! Records
Macromind – Venom – Buzz
Sperminator – No Women Allowed – Rotterdam Records
Smpte – Mash – Blockhouse
Pelgrim – Get Bouncy – Rotterdam Records
Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Morgan Wild Project – Analog Flash – Buzz
Acid Junkies – Sector 9 – Djax-Up-Beats
DJ Edge – S.F. (Acid Mix) – Edge Records
Precious X Project – Dukkha – Hard + Fast

Side B

MC Lethal – The Rave Digger – Network Records
Rhythms For Reasons – The Grandnational – Formation Records
N.R.G. – Feel The Fury – Chill
Skyflyer – Humanoid – Adam & Eve Records
Pelgrim – Amen – Rotterdam Records
Sperminator – Uptempo – Rotterdam Records
E-Trax – Yo, Te Quiero – Dance Street Records
Bassboy – Let The Bass Be Louder – Mid-Town Records
T.D.5. – Cyber Trance – Not On Label
Force Mass Motion – V.N.E. – Rabbit City Records
Yolk – Bishbosh – OHM Records
Urban Shakedown – Ruff Justice – Urban Shakedown
DJ SS & EQ – DJ’s Anthem Volume 1 – Formation Records
Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground – Suburban Base Records
Menace Makes 3 – Pure Hysteria – (Give Me A Mother Mix) – Danse City Records
Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton – Faze 2
Urban Shakedown – Do It Now! – Urban Shakedown
Coldcut – Beats + Pieces – Ahead Of Our Time
Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track – Ffrreedom

Tape Source: Mario Q.

22 thoughts on “DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy”

  1. A Side @10 minutes = Nu-Tro-Gen – Rollin’ Reptiles

    This tape was reissued, but the original had a green insert complete with tracklisting, like 30 tracks on each side, whew!

  2. LMAO! It has taken me 18 years to finally ID Rollin Reptiles. Thx. i used to go mental when it came on but I never knew the cuts name.

  3. I remember when this track used to hit that I would back up from the speaker stack to hear the echo from the claps, especially in warehouses. Sorry for being the old fart and reminiscing on good times.

  4. This is the tape that taught other DJ’s how to DJ. The skills on the this tape can not be duplicated. He was coming on strong with some hardcore power.

  5. Man i remember this tape, i also burned it out. Thanks Simfonik for all your hard work. I’m gonna have to go through my old tapes and see if there’s any contributions i can help out with. I would love to here anything from the first Teckno Flight at the Spruce Goose in Long Beach.

  6. Damn!! This is a great site. A whole mess of good, fun, interesting, experimental, and TRUE infinte social living, underground going memories documented for me right here!

    Thank you for bringin’ back the best times of my living on planet earth. Peace.

  7. to download the tapes from this site anyone knows how to do it??? the bottom download only works to play the tape??

  8. Right click on the download icon….then hit “save as” select where you want to download it into your computer…

  9. This is one of the BEST MIXED TAPES of this era….I been a fan of DJ DAN since 1990…went to so many RAVES here in Los Angeles, and he was one of the Dj’s I followed…being a DJ my self I can appreciate the MIXING talen of DJ DAN!!!!
    This tape was way ahead of its time!!! No computers, No SERATO, NO SYNC BUTTON…
    just TECHNICS a MIXER and A bunch of VINYL crates!!!!

  10. we would ALWAYS say “Dan IS THE MAN!!!” I love alot of DJs from HardCore to Deep House but never ever did anybody just smply fuck the shit ot of my brain and make my backbone slide thge way Dan could…Records were never handled so amazingly…saw him at the No Doz 2oth reunion and guess what– Dan IS Still the Man.

  11. Sorry, Josh. Been a few years :) Remember Fetch a Pail of Water after?

    Not to mention Daven’s Paw Paw Patch gigs. Those were always great. The Casa was solid. Synergy. So many great nights.

  12. Hell yeah Han’s!! “Fetch a Pail of Water” was awesome but “Synergy” was FANTASTIC!!! One of my first parties. I think the other parties that month were E.S.P. and TRON all at the Casa.

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