Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance)




It’s a holiday weekend, I’m still awake, so I figured why not post one more mix before calling a night!

“Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance”, was recorded in 1992 by Steve Loria at Citrusonic.

Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance) (Side 1)


Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance) (Side 2)


Tape Source: Mario Q.

20 thoughts on “Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance)”

  1. This brings back some memories!!! Everyone is Gainesville, FL was rockin’ this classic tape back in the day. This and Bang the Drum by Jeno are my favorite tapes of all time.

  2. Great mix by L.A. legend Steve Loria live at Citrusonic…I had some great times on the dancefloor there. Many timeless classics on this tape….here are the ones I recognize.

    side 1 Overnite II -Riddem Culture
    Fix – Flash
    Toxit – Some mushrooms approach
    Rhythm Control – My house (acapella)
    Chestnut – Pot of gold remix
    Spank da Monkey – Cosmic disco
    Freak Sisters – Freak boutique
    Spins inc. – Meditations
    Studio X – Los kings del mambo
    side 2
    African Juice – Congo Bongo
    East 17 – House of love
    Bandulu – Better nation
    Aquastep – Oempa loempa
    Sasha – Aftertouch
    Sambo – Tatana
    Jump – Funkatarium

  3. Thanks, again, Josh. That Sambo “Tatana” ID is one I’ve been searching for for a long time.

  4. it got me happy again, those where the real rave days…a true creative DJ….another gem is “Live at More” and Doc put out “earth groves” both leaders in LA and still think how lucky i was to be around at that time

  5. Good job on this one! Another all-time classic!

    Lookin for Steve Loria live @ “OVERDOSE 92” ???



  6. Citro ruled at The Probe in Hollywood. A good after hours there was also “More” if anyone remembers that.

    As a DJ I bought a lot of records at Beat Non Stop on Melrose in Hollywood where Steve would be slamming down. Good times.

  7. Does anyone remember the probe trying tonsell salsbury steak during the night at more? Lol ewww….

  8. does anybody remember the name of the first track on side two, I’ve been looking for this one, I was probably part of strictly rhythm’s catalog

  9. Absolutely my favorite Loria mixtape of all time! Had this ripped a decade ago from my archive. THANKS FOR POSTING!

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