11 thoughts on “R.A.W. – Untitled (Limited Edition)”

  1. this tape is rare i know i’ve heard it before thanks for posting. any body know that track on side b that starts around 18:0?.i had forgotten all about it.

  2. Yo Jive – not sure what side you are referring too~ but if it’s on

    side B – it’s Mental Over drive – “love Od”

    If on side A – i checked it out and I don’t know Homie. Maybe Josh or Alexey can ID.

  3. Sorry for the Typo –

    Side A @ 12:03 – Mental Over drive – “love Od”

    not Side B.

  4. Hello mate would love to get a reply from yourself – I remember listening a banging mix of Raw it sounded quite downtoned almost sounded like u hear it from the room next door it was really really good think it was once posted but not here anymore forgotten the name of it but had A and B side it felt like zen dark undertone heavy bass jungle

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