Mr Wiggles – Rock Steady #1




Here’s one for the b-boys and girls out there. This mixtape is from Bronx, N.Y. DJ, and Rock Steady crew member, Mr Wiggles. If anyone knows when this was released, let me know. As always, if you know the tracks call them out in the comments.

Mr Wiggles – Rock Steady #1 (Side A)


Mr Wiggles – Rock Steady #1 (Side B)


Tape Source: Greg J

11 thoughts on “Mr Wiggles – Rock Steady #1”

  1. I love it! Back from the days when the dj was front and center with just a little mcing thrown in…great stuff! :D

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE I FOUND THIS TAPE AGAIN THANK YOU!!!! I re-blogged and gave credit linking back here. Thanks again.

  3. Ive been looking for this since the 90’s. thank my fuck.
    sounds so much better in shitty quality.

  4. Hello…

    I use to have all of these.

    Do yo have the rest of the series?

    Would greatly appreciate if you can upload the rest!

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