Jon Williams – Live At Dream



This Jon Williams mixtape is from DREAM, a recurring event that was held in Los Angeles, in the early to mid 90’s. These were great parties, with a consistent lineup of great DJs like DJ Dan, Ernie Munson, Barry Weaver and many others.

I have a complete DREAM party recorded that I’ll be posting in the future, so stay tuned!

Jon Williams – Dream (Side A)


Jon Williams – Dream (Side B)


Tape Source: Saul Prado

14 thoughts on “Jon Williams – Live At Dream”

  1. This tape is dope. Relentless is the right word, for sure.

    Jon Williams was among the most underrated DJs active in California in the early and mid-90s. He was really the only guy around playing full on techno in the Jeff Mills mode. Though his mixing skills were not at the level of Mills or other Detroit greats, his sound was all muscle, no fat, and deeply trippy. He blew my mind on several occasions.

  2. thanks so much Saul for this upload. if you have the michael cook session, i would love to hear it. great set by jon williams. i still miss DREAM to this day…

  3. I regret not buying the Michael Cook set back then. But, I did get a Mark Farina set from Dream…it’s an awesome set, my tape was chewed up by one of my tape recorders (grrr), this tape was sent to Simfonik for repair to post on this website.

  4. I should have the Michael Cook set some where at my parents house. My plan is to raid my old room on Christmas day and try to find as many tapes as possible to contribute.

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  6. This is a Message to the Person who posted All these fine rave relics here… There is a page on Mixcloud – his User name is AnMRecsLA and he has more of these awesome “Live at Dream” tapes posted to his Page on there including a great one by Farina and Jenö. Also if you are Real nice & just ask him / Hell probably send you a copy of it – he has a ton of goodies – hit it up….. Also I’m Still waiting on that Full Night at Dream you promised in the comments above…….???!!! Love this set would love to hear more like it Especially A FULL NITE !!!! Wow ! The same guy I mentioned above – his name is Anthony btw He most likely can help you in identifying what’s on the full night, if that is the problem. He’s Real Informative about these tapes and really Loves to talk about this stuff but anyway……….It’s so Nice to see this site stays up where all the rest have gone down….. This music is absolutely timeless and these files are some of the best stuff that can still be found online for DL these days – I took all of these fine sets long ago plus all the dj dan stuff which All seems to be gone now ?? Wtf ?!… Peace from Chicago, Matt Williams

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