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The A to Zinc and Fresh Beats #4 mixtapes, by DJ Vitamin D, represent our 7th installment from The California Project. These are really solid mixes with a great selection of music. If you haven’t checked out the other mixes in this series I strongly recommend you get to listening.

DJ Vitamin D – A to Zinc (Side A)


DJ Vitamin D – A to Zinc (Side B)


DJ Vitamin D – Fresh Beats #4 (Side A)


DJ Vitamin D – Fresh Beats #4 (Side B)


Tape Source: DJ Thee-O

9 thoughts on “DJ Vitamin D – The California Project”

  1. As always, thanks so much for these mixes! Just wondering why the pause in Can U Relate – “Hey Hey” was shortened from the original?

  2. Yo! These tapes are what my youth was made of!
    Vitamin D killed on these bad boys. Mad respect for putting these up. Someone stole my set way back and this made my day!!

  3. @ Shawn..was asking myself the same question. Someone edited it. I have the master on my site and remember that pause. If you know that track then you remember the ‘pause’ in that track…it’s on beat even.
    No worries…

  4. there was a vocal version on the other side. the break had vocals in it.go warp records!!!! i would love a track listing to these tapes.

  5. i had this years a go and lost it so glad its up. this shit so tight. still love that Icey” oh I dont think so”

  6. Many thanks for your time and eftofrs to have had these things together on this blog. Jack and i also very much appreciated your suggestions through the articles in certain things. I understand that you have quite a few demands on your program and so the fact that a person like you took the maximum amount of time just like you did to steer people like us by this article is also highly prized.

  7. after all these years A to Zinc still makes my jaw chatter. thank you for keeping this going. 31.32 is one of the best mixes period! much respect to Derick Daisy ……this is a shout going out

  8. For the A to Z mix:

    1. [00:00] DJ Mink – Hey, Hey (Can U Relate)
    2. [04:00] DJ Icey – Bbrr Go Go
    3. [06:16] The Chemical Brothers – Chemical Beats
    4. [12:09] ? ‘uh yeah, here we go’
    5. [16:25] ?
    6. [19:00] Brothers and Systems – One Voice (Dub Mania And Philth Version 1)
    7. [20:43] ? ‘the beat kicks and I start rockin’
    8. [24:05] Immigrant – Gosh
    9. [26:00] Central Fire – Central Fire (Yes People It’s Time: Part 1 & 2)
    10. [30:13] Strange Brew – Burnin’ Down
    11. [32:50] Central Fire – This Is A Shout Going Out (Into The Future Mix)
    12. [35:47] St. Etienne – Like a Motorway (Chemical Brothers Chekhov Warp Vocal Mix)
    13. [39:36] Wildchild – Keep It Going
    14. [41:47] ?
    15. [44:30] O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper)
    16. [50:27] ?
    17. [52:51] ?
    18. [55:37] ? ‘give each other love’
    19. [1:00:31] Rebirth – Embryo
    20. [1:03:12] ?
    21. [1:06:27] Natural High – Warp 69 (Jap Jop Mix)
    22. [1:12:07] ? ‘harmonica’
    23. [1:16:30] The Ethics – La Luna
    24. [1:19:28] ?
    25. [1:22:45] ?
    26. [1:25:24] ?
    27. [1:27:00] ?
    28. [1:30:00] Beck – Loser

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