DJ Dan – The Funky Dope Green Project




This classic and limited edition DJ Dan mixtape, The Funky Dope Green Project, was released in June of 1992.

DJ Dan – The Funky Dope Green Project (Side A)


DJ Dan – The Funky Dope Green Project (Side B)


Tracklist as provided with the tape (correct or not):

Side A

Monkey Monkey – White
Got To Make It – Omar And Crooks
God Intended – Ground Level
The Temple Of Boom – Next
Sex Instructor – Ultrasonic
Rave Africa – Tomahawk
Just Dance – Slammin Techno
Hipnotic St-8 – Altern 8
Tronic Equator – Chemical Company
Can’t Stop The Rush – Tango Remixes
Signs Of Chaos – Cracker Jack EP
Drop A Beat – Moby
Crack Baby – NASA Project
Hellfire – Sequencial
Set Your Body Free – Lux
Higher – Conscious
Rave Generator – Toxic 2

Side B

Bomb Scare – 2 Bad Mix Remix (With Doug E Fresh)
Dance With The Speaker – Ecology EP
King Basshead – DJ Scooby
Wind It Up – System X
Edge Records 1 – Edge
The Basket – Eon
The Bee – Louis Love Bump
Poing – Rotterdam Terminator Source
88 To Piano – Mainx
Skin 1938 – Robby Anigeto
Mario’s Trax – The Final Trax
Fuck You Up – Overdog
Aftermath – Rhythm Eternity
Nasty Remix – Sy-Kick
Los Kings Del Mambo – Studio X
High – Hyper Go-Go

Tape Source: Mario Q

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  1. My bad I meant 43 to 45 min on side a which is listed (Higher – Conscious) and glad to have found it…duh. Anyhow, thank you Omar for responding.

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