Various – Live At What?


Once again back here’s the incredible… Another “Live At What?” mix, this time courtesy of DJ Mojo, who’s been a big supporter of the site (Thank You!). I’m pretty sure Side E starts off with DJ Trance, but let me know if you know the correct DJ’s on these mixes.

Various – Live At What? (Side E)


Various – Live At What? (Side X)


Tape Source: Mojo

16 thoughts on “Various – Live At What?”

  1. No need to thank me. You are doing such a wonderful thing bringing back so many incredible memories for people! Just keep up the great work!

  2. i’m pretty sure none of this is me. couple songs i played, but not my mixing style…

  3. I was a regular at What?
    Many, many fond memories at that little place 8)

    Awesome to finally have some audio to reminisce over.


  4. Hey Souffle… I’m pretty sure you did. I ripped this from the tape Doug had made that he was handing out to friends and to promote FAMILY. I remember this night clearly, it was a warehouse where you had to climb up some old tires to get in. One of the best nights in WHAT history as far as I’m concerned. This was when I was just a raver, before I was DJing at What.

  5. Someone gave this tape to me at a party in a bowling alley in ’96 or ’97. It sounded very different from what I was hearing at raves at the time–like an ancient alien artifact. I knew that I was listening to the heartbeat of a secret breakbeat civilization that lay buried beneath my world of candyravers and progressive house.

    I played it over and over until I lent it out and it never came back, and I spent the next 14 years searching for it. Thank you immensely for finding and posting this.

    I think Side X was subtitled “Memories at the Wall” and Side E was “So Happy I Could Cry”.

  6. @ 725. You are correct sir. Those were the titles of the sides. And I believe the gig at bowling alley was the What? reunion party.

    Glad you have been reunited with this tape. It’s a classic.

  7. Oh Joey. WHAT? What are you talking about? I dont remember. I have no recollection of the little warehouses downtown. I mean I dont remember :) I lost too many shirts at those parties.

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