Mojo – Return Of The Funky Warrior


As implied by the title, Return Of The Funky Warrior, is Mojo‘s follow-up to his first mixtape Funky Mofo, and further built upon the funky breaks style he was spinning during the mid-90s. Side B also hints at the evolving downtempo trip-hop material he would also become known for.

Mojo – Return Of The Funky Warrior (Side A)


Mojo – Return Of The Funky Warrior (Side B)


Tape Source: DJ Mojo

One thought on “Mojo – Return Of The Funky Warrior”

  1. Side A
    12:23 Freaky Chakra – Transcendental Funk Bump
    followed by Da Juice – C’mon C’mon
    20:52 DJ Icey – Beats-A-Rockin
    23:07 DJ Icey – BBRR Go Go
    27:03 [Twitch loop]
    30:31 Bassbin Twins – A-1 Love
    Side B
    14:35 Dust/Chemical Brothers – Dope Coil
    16:21 Sandals – Feet (?remix)
    31:20 Metro LA – Here For the Love
    38:15 The Crystal Method – Now Is the Time

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