DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback Vol.1




You can’t go wrong with mixes by DJ Dan. On Warehouse Flashback, from the DJ Dan Classic Series, he throws down 51 old school techno tracks from 1991 over the course of 95 minutes. This really is an absolute classic.

From the inside cover:

DJ Dan would like to thank everyone for their continued support and for keeping PEACE alive in the scene. The scene was created in celebration of music, life, happiness, friendship, love, and ones own creative self expression. This is our scene, lets keep it a positive one and remember, follow your dreams and goals, love your friends and family, and most of all love and believe in yourself and you shall succeed. Remember, this is our world, let’s live it to the fullest. Keep your dreams alive and always look to the future.
Peace, DJ Dan

DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback (Side A)


DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback (Side B)


Tracks included in these mixes:
Cappella – Everybody – Media Records
Lewis Lovebump – Mallorca – Zazaboem
DJ Cassanova – Revolution Credits – K9 Recordings
Skin Up – Ivory – Love Records
Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In – React
DJ Dick – Weekend – Low Spirit Recordings
Analogik-a – Mama Africa – AA8 Records
Frank De Wulf – Moral Soundabuse – Music Man Records
Distortion – Twilight Tone – Stealth Records
80 Aum – Mindcontroller – 80 Aum Records
Moby – Go – Instinct Records
Voodoo Child – Voodoo Child – R & S Records
Channel X – Rave The Rhythm – Beat Box International
Cubic 22 – Night In Motion – XL Recordings
Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives – Vinyl Solution
Zero Zero – Zeroxed – Kickin Records
Praga Khan – Free Your Body – Beat Box International
Lords Of Acid – Take Control – Complete Kaos
Qube 45 – The Sequal – 80 Aum Records
T99 – Nocturne – Who’s That Beat?
Space Trax – Atomic Playboy – Stealth Records
Culture Shock – Atomic Playgirl – Decadance Records
Turntable Terror – Break – Mid-Town Records
Spectrum – Spectral – R & S Records

Side 2 Tracklist Coming Soon!

17 thoughts on “DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback Vol.1”

  1. jeesh it took me so long to find that twilight zone track before i knew the ID :) i think i ordered 4 records which were all the wrong thing, ah the good old days of digging.

  2. Who on earth does the track at the 6 min. marker on side B???

    It’s JUST SICK!!! ;o)

    I can’t I.D. it through SHAZAM, either… :(

    Please help… ;o)

  3. Side A 30:00 Modular Expansion Unit 1 ‘Cubes’

    On the tape it’s different because it sounds like he’s juggling doubles.

  4. One of dan’s best, ever! acid trip down memory lane and then some! :::::))))))

    All the tracks i love, TIMELESS!

    thanx guys


  5. A personal favorite of mine. Probably one of the best mixes ever put together by the legend himself. RAVE ON!!1

  6. This is still one of my favorite mixes ever made… My friend lost this tape 12 years ago and I still haven’t forgiven him!

  7. Wow, can’t believe I stumbled across this site… so cool. I nearly melted this cassette in my deck I’ve listened to it so many times… one of the all time best mixtapes.

  8. I was a hardcore RAVER IN THE 90’s, and DJ DAN has been one of my favorite DJ’s, this Mixed tape takes me back to those wharehouse, paypoint raves!!! BestMixed tape ever!!!


  9. I just noticed there is no tracklist for Side B, so here ya go…. Missing a couple tracks if anyone can fill in that would be great!

    Trigger – Stratosphere
    HHFD – Total Confusion
    All In One – Mama’s Kick
    Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – Feel it
    Stressness – Adrenaline
    Digital Domain – I Need Relief
    Petra & Co. – Just Let Go
    Cosmo & Dibs – Star Eyes
    Digital Orgasm – Moog Eruption
    LFO – LFO
    Moby – Go
    Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid
    Cybersonik – Technarchy
    Beltram – Energy Flash
    Nightripper – Tone Exploitation
    2 Fabiola – Milkyway
    Ya Ya’s – Looove
    6 Bells All – Me the Mailman
    ? – This on is right on the tip of my tongue damnit!
    Altern 8 – Frequency
    Messiah – There Is No Law
    KLF – Last Train to Transcentral
    Altern 8 – Frequency (Live outside Shellys)

  10. The track after 6 Bells All is Modular Expansions – Hip in the House. And the track after that is Digital Boys – Digital Dance. (rare as hen’s teeth) Proud to say I own a copy! Pretty sure the track after LFO is a megamix record…I think it might be called Techno Brett or somin…not positive on that one.

  11. Cool Thanks Josh! Hip in the House – I knew I had this and it was right on the tip of my tongue! One of those B sides I rarely play…

  12. On Side A (comes in just before minute 29), where does the chant come from that provides the bridge between Praga Khan and Modular Expansion Unit 1?

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