Xpando – Swarm


Swarm was the first record released by Mike Knapp, under the name Xpando, in 1993. Mike released a number of great releases throughout the 90’s, under various aliases, often collaborating with Jason Blakemore (aka DJ Trance) and Eric Davenport on his Bassex Records label.

Xpando – Swarm (A)

Xpando – Swarm (B1)

Xpando – Swarm (B2)

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13 thoughts on “Xpando – Swarm”

  1. Damn I’ve been looking for this record for ages, if anyone has a spare they’d be down to trade/sell please get in touch!

  2. have the L.A. Hardcore Vol 1 – Vitamin D’s Beat Mixer has Swarm in it… great times.

    Where you at Mike? Sadly i no longer have the Mono/Poly I got from you 20 years ago…

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