Mr. Kool-Aid / Marco – Ahknaten Flexi Flyer (1992)




This flyer and flexi-disc were for a rave called Ahknaten that was held on Saturday, February 15th, 1992 in Los Angeles. DJ’s for this event were Mr. Kool-Aid, John Williams, Justin King, Steve Loria, Beej, Aldo Bender, Markem X, and Gary Blitz. The event was produced by Beej and Gary Blitz.

Mr Kool-Aid / Marco – Those Who Refuse


Mr Kool-Aid / Marco – In The Dream (Remix)


Thanks again to Shazz Mastersin for the hook up!

8 thoughts on “Mr. Kool-Aid / Marco – Ahknaten Flexi Flyer (1992)”

  1. 1992, the year where it all started going downhill. In the next few months I would come out on ABC7 sucking on a balloon at the Morongo indian reservation, lol.

    Thank you for the site.

  2. BJ N BITCH are the a-holes that “f’d” up the rave scenes. these ahole promoters would do fake raves. I want my 40 bucks back!!! I have to admit, i do remember going to these rave!!!!

  3. Just recorded my copy of this the mp3. Those Who Refuse is classic should be on a million comp CDs.

  4. I still have this flyer with teh vinyl attached to it!!!!
    I still play it once in a while when I dj!!!

  5. Daven the Mad hatter how much money did that guy make off of the rave scene down in LA in the early 90s ? his big hat is paw paw patch I disliked that guy ruined the scene along with Gary blitz, mr. Kool-Aid and everybody else that made a party like this. It was the beginning of the end to a really cool scene.

  6. Weird Steve [Kool Aid] is hands down the one who started the scene. In what, 1988? Yes, by 1992 is was pretty much a 180 of what 88-91 was but those are the growing pains of most scenes.

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