Destructo vs. Mar Co – Raindance


Raindance was released in (I believe) 1992, by Los Angeles DJ/Promoter Destructo and Mar Co on Destructo Records. The a-side mix is labeled as “Destruction Mix”, but the run out is etched “Techno Mix”. It’s all about the Tribal Mix on this record though, one of the better old school techno tracks to come out of Los Angeles. (Correction: The Destruction Mix is in fact my preferred mix. That break is one of my favorites)

Destructo – Raindance (Destruction Mix)

Destructo – Raindance (Trbial Mix)

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12 thoughts on “Destructo vs. Mar Co – Raindance”

  1. I had been too. It was entered incorrectly in Discogs and it wasn’t until Zack pointed me in the right direction that I finally sourced a copy.

    I’m still curious to know where the sample is from. It sounds like Gumby maybe.

  2. Glad you got it, such a great track!!

    My copy of soda pop odyssey was stolen way back when.. would love to replace it if anyone’s got a double?

  3. Hi! The download links seem to have disappeared :( Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks <3

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