Butsch – Teckno Themes – Volume One

Thomas Butsch released Teckno Themes – Volume One in 1992, limited to 500 copies, on the Little Giant Music label.

Butsch – The Cycle

Butsch – The Escalation

Butsch – Sex Now

Butsch – The Count

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7 thoughts on “Butsch – Teckno Themes – Volume One”

  1. o no u dint!!! wow, the imfamous butsch record with four epic songs on it!!! i actually sold mine a few years back for $150. felt kinda guilty… but heck, i had my fun with it!!! =]

  2. Hahahahahah you sold it to my buddy Shane in HB I believe and a few weeks later I found my copy for £20 online and my 2nd copy from simfonik for either 50 or 75

  3. Yo Kalan!

    Hope you’re doing well buddy. I still remember driving up to your place and buying a dozen or so tracks from you. I only seem to remember Phenomania EP being one of them :)

    I still have my copy of Butsch I purchased from DJ Trance at Denny’s.

    RIP DJ Kram

    Happy new year bro,

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