Altern 8 – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition




18 Hour Hardcore Fest, held on Saturday May 16th, 1992, was the first US appearance of Altern 8. This flyer was part of the R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition of rave flyers, that came with a flexi record to help promote the event. This particular flexi vinyl contains a medley of Altern 8 tracks mixed by The Berserker, with a special guest appearance by MC Crazy Claire.

During these turbulent times… R.E.A.L would like to take you on an unbelievable outdoor journey, where you can escape the madness and reunite with your friends for an 18 hour festival of our music, our beliefs, our desire for a better world… This is our generation!

DJ’s on the bill were Frankie Bones, Adam X, Doc Martin, Matt C, Steve Loria, Markem X, Eli Star, Big Daddy Sean Perry, Beej, Sweedish Egil, and Markie Mark.

Altern 8 – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition


Special thanks to Le-Van “schizo” De Guzman, from The Schizo Archives, for contributing scans and audio on this.

13 thoughts on “Altern 8 – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition”

  1. dope….i still have one of the original flyer to this party…with their trademark masks…miss those daze

  2. Nice one! I lost the record ages ago but I have the flyer/ticket from the map point with the coin sealed onto it.

    That was such a great party, the lake, the grass hills, the swings, the funk area, and ALTERN8 robots!

  3. Classix! I still have this one with the Flexi. Great to hear it again after so many years. I remember being bummed that I had to miss this one because I was out of town that weekend.

  4. still here… having fun doing shows again… I am with brett from b3 cande… just did jujubeats… how sweet it is & narnia are next fun events… drop me an email if you would like…

  5. word, brotha. Ill hit you up on the email it has been many years. BTW, Merwin from the original Exodus Records crew says hello…

  6. By “turbulent times” I’m gonna assume that Artie meant post-riots Los Angeles. The LA Uprising took place in April 1992, so the city would have still been smoldering when this event hit. It was a dark time.

    P.S. Dope track.

  7. Definitely a dark time. Still remember your original offices taking a beating this same year over some bust. 1992 was not the greatest year for the “underground”.

  8. A guy radiation suit gave me this flier…..I remember being concerned that I wasn’t wearing a radiation suit also.

  9. I have this and another one, with staple intact! Getting to retirement and reducing “stuff” -are there any collectors of these, and thus any value?

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