Frank C – We Must Progress


This tape was mixed by Frank C in April of 1993. Frank worked at the once great Street Sounds Records, back when it was upstairs and worth visiting, in the early 90’s.

Frank C – We Must Progress (Side A)


Frank C – We Must Progress (Side B)


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Tape Source: Tef Foo

21 thoughts on “Frank C – We Must Progress”

  1. Street Sounds was the shit back in the day! R.A.W., Frank C., Mark Lewis, had all the ill cuts for me. Dope site brother, thanks for the memories!

  2. I had unforgetable moments at Street Sounds…Thanks to all who supported us…I’m still on this planet but doing something different…thinking about playing again….keep in touch……or (562) 413-1030…

  3. Frank C . MY FAVORITE EARLY NINETIES los angeles DJ
    IM so glad people can hear this – so they’ll understand proto house scene- -jungle,etc ….. these were the memories for me .. when everybody eles was playing techno – acid ,etc this guy blew everybody away….. So much hype IN PLUR WORLD but they really never remember the classic L.A. KIDS In the party scene . . .
    Does a great job of connecting italo HOUSE to trance music..

    not all the tracks are hot but the ones that are were the mix…..


  4. crazy how underrated frank was. i watched this guy make other djs getting twice the credit look like beginners. thanks Frank, do hope you decide to come out of retirement and help set LA on fire again.

  5. Would love to get an ID on the track at 11:00 on Side A. Been after that for awhile. The track right before it is a FSOL remix of Prefab Sprout.

  6. The New Dance Republic – Take It To The Top.

    Does anyone know the name of the track @ 8:08 on side B and the one after it?

  7. Hey Dubby…I’m paying at the Future Sound After Hours After No Doz…hope to see you there…thanks.

  8. Official DJ! We use to ditch school and go to street sounds. Frank C. was always a real cool guy and a great DJ that deserved more credit.

    Frank- Can we find you on with any recent mixes?

  9. Im sorry to disagree with ONE but I find the first side of the tape very relevant to how good dance music should sound. Build ups which aren’t monotonous. Layering of sounds etc. I’ll groove to this any day over alot of new stuff

  10. Wow! I bought this tape from Frank at Street Sounds. He gave us a flier for Middle Earth. We always had a blast there.

  11. This tape is Proper Old Skool & proper vinyl talent. I dont care what any newbie thinks. They weren’t there and like Frank pointed out it was an entirely different experience. Dope mix Frank, respect!

  12. oh man….this takes me to a very special place. side A is heaven to me
    17:56 razzmatazz by drew sky.. thank you Frank C!! lots of love to you man…come back soon!!

  13. I was a big Frank C. fan back in the day.

    side a:
    1. ?
    2. renegade soundwave – the phantom (remix)
    3. prefab sprout – if you don’t love me (stateside swamp mix)
    4. the new dance republic – take it to the top (epstein’s massive bongo mix)
    5. swingtime dee – you & i (joey negro acid mix)
    6. disco biscuit – disco biscuit (native new yorker mix)
    7. drew sky – razzmatazz
    8. ?
    9. jaydee – plastic dreams (trance mix)
    10. deborah wilson – free (exposure mix)
    11. afrika bambaataa – funky heroes (funkapella mix) (outro)

    1. Flipped out – everybody is somebody (double explosion helicopter buzz) he uses the mid track breakdown as an intro
    2. helicopter – on ya way
    3. Flipped out – everybody is somebody (double explosion helicopter buzz)
    4. spank da monkey – cosmic disco rebash
    5. shi-take – (in the age of) perfect virtue (full moon over maduri club mix)
    6. latour – blue (hermes trance mix)
    7. gayle lynne – rain come down on me (muted dub mix)
    8. chubby chunks – testament one
    9. jagga – na-na-na (acid latino mix)
    10. Flipped out – everybody is somebody (double explosion helicopter buzz) uses it as an outro

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