DJ Trance – Too Much Going On Upstairs (Part One)

DJ Trance mixes never seem to disappoint and this one is no exception. This mix of acid, house and techno is part one of a two part series, called “Too Much Going On Upstairs”, that was recorded live in March of 1995 and released the same year. More DJ Trance mixes available here.

DJ Trance – Too Much Going On Upstairs (Side A)


DJ Trance – Too Much Going On Upstairs (Side B)


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Tape Source: DJ Nym

12 thoughts on “DJ Trance – Too Much Going On Upstairs (Part One)”

  1. Excellent upload! Now this is a RARE classic, kept hidden deep in the underground.

  2. I had to post again. I agree, this a rare and classic one. thank you so much for sharing. This brings it all back to me.

  3. gotta love him hooking up the ground wires in the beginning of one of the sides. and no writing on one side of the tape! just goes to show the music rises above all the fancy marketing and tricks. good music chooses you, you don’t choose it. it lives in your tapedeck or cd player or ipod and keeps playing itself! (paraphrasing p.s.hoffman from almost famous) . ps man was i f%#ked up when this tape was out! brings me back

  4. Truly awesome, this is indeed a rare piece of trance history. I was really hoping to preserve this one on disk. Thanks for the upload. My tape has writing on both sides, don’t know how yours could have gotten half labeled, but the tape I have has a short section that is twisted. I think it got munched in the black thunder bird tape deck somewhere along the way. That thing died in Vegas a long time ago, that car was nothing but problems.

  5. Hahahahaha!!! Friend played this mixtape for me back in ’99. His comment was “Remember when they were using those tribal beats for a few months back in ’95? It seemed new elements were brought to the fore and dropped within months back in the day. Gotta give this a listen and see if his comment holds up.

  6. there is a great mix by jason untitled with raw jason starts his mix w a sample from ace ventura pet detective–says “you really want to know why i do what i do –well, you better be sure ……. that was his best mix think it was from 94 mix includes armanis ambulance fast remix and an ozzy crazy train remix that was the peak of the tape- raw side starts with a sample -apocalypse now martin sheen all i could think of was getting back in the jungle……..awesome tape got it from dubshack at a rave in the dolton expo center 1995

  7. Unlike what someone said in the 1st comment, both sides work for me. I do think the sides are probably mislabeled. Freaky Chakra’s “Multiphasic Invoculator” (which someone properly identified above) plays out on the side you have labeled as B, yet continues on what you have labeled as Side A.

  8. side b:
    track 1 – plastikman- cannot find title, but i used to have this single.

    track 2 – dj trance / darwin chamber Indians And Aliens (12″), bassex records

    track 3 – bizz od – i’m coming out of your speakers, smile communications

    track @ 31:00ish = “niteshade” by fred2 on missile recordings

    track @ 45:00ish = by freaky chakra “Multiphasic Invoculator” on astralwerks album lowdown motivator

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