Various – Live At What?


I’m not entirely certain of the various DJ’s for this Live @ What? mixed tape. My best guess is DJ Trance, Oscar Da Grouch and DJ Mellinfunk. Two of the mixes should be easily identifiable by The Beatles and Star Wars tracks. If anyone can positively ID who’s playing at what point on this mixed tape please post in the comments.

Various – Live @ What?


Various – Live @ What?


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Obviously High – Inside My Head – Delirious Recordings
Interface – The Toytown E.P – Rising High Records
Plexus – Auto Shutter – DiKi Records (vocal sample)
Eternal – Eternal – Underground Level Recordings
Wishdokta – Evil Surrounds Us – Kickin Records
Smart Systems – The Tingler – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Hyper On Experience – H.E. Anthem – Moving Shadow
Rhythm Section – Perfect Love 2am – Rhythm Section Recordings
London Symphony Orchestra – Cantina Band – 20th Century Records
Bass Generator – House Is Dead – Bass Generator Records
The Prodigy – Out Of Space – XL Recordings
Overdog – Fuck You Up – Wunderwerke
Wishdokta – Joy (No Bogle Mix) – Kickin Records
Boyzland & Wagga T – Tribal Instincts E.P. – Out Of Orbit
Altern 8 – Frequency (Hallucin 8 Mix) – Network Records
Naz AKA Naz – Organised Crime – Déja Vu Recordings
Bald Terror – Rotterdam Terror – Rotterdam Records
The Beatles – Revolution 9 – Apple Records
Car & Driver – Help Germany – Force Inc. Music Works
Ohm – Tribal Tone – Vibe (Florida)
T.N.T. – Criminal Mind – Z 001 Records
T. Vee – U Are A Sucker – Rave 55
T. Vee – Beautiful Symphony (Move On) – Rave 55
F.O.X. – Boing – Haunted House Records (NL)
Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus – Indisc
King Dale – Utter – Rotterdam Records
DJ Hooligan – B.O.T.T.R.O.P. – Dance Street Records

14 thoughts on “Various – Live At What?”

  1. Wow, this goes back… The mixes on the first side from Perfect Love on to the end of the first side are me… must have been early in my start at What?because my live chops clearly need a bit of tightening up… lol.

  2. Some of these old mixes may not be the tightest, but they’re definitely a lot of fun to listen to. I have some good memories with this particular one. Thanks for the set ID on this.

  3. As far as the “Who ran What?” history lesson: the answer is Doug (now doing F.A.M.I.L.Y) and Chad.

  4. Yeah, Doug ran FAMILY…Friends And Music I Love You…..Pasqual ran What! Those parties were the shit. And the parties at Doug, Joey and Scotts pad were insane. And No- doze, Sketch pad and DARE are times to remember……

  5. Just getting into side A and theres definitely some 2×4 action going on. Someones cutting in samples over someone mixing…

  6. If I remember correctly, this night was with one of the NuMark mixers that had the built in sampler. So I think some of the sample cutting and dropping you’re hearing is that.

  7. Yeah totally could be. Haha I still have the MTX version of that mixer with the sampler. I think I posted it in my facebook pics.

  8. Does Anyone know whatever became of that DJ called Frankie love he played at WHAT many times.

  9. Hello everyone, on side A (top download) 22:50 until around 24:50 is a track I’ve been looking for years, and was hoping if anyone knows has a name. Thx in advance.

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