Jason Bentley – October 1992

This mixed tape by Jason Bentley is from October of 1992.

Jason Bentley has been an important part of the Los Angeles music scene ever since his early days at college radio station KXLU, hosting the ‘Illicit Groove’ as DJ Sonic, and he remains so today as the Music Director for KCRW.

I wish I could have made it to the KCRW Radioactive party this past weekend but timing and distance were working against me. Did anyone reading make it? How was the music?

Jason Bentley – Oct ’92 (Side A)


Jason Bentley – Oct ’92 (Side B)


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Tape Source: Tef Foo

9 thoughts on “Jason Bentley – October 1992”

  1. DJ Sonic!! I remember staying up until 1:30am to record his shows, and still have those recordings.

  2. I stayed up religiously to record the Illicit groove every friday.. I have some tapes still from that show..

    Dj Sonic taught me so much about underground dance music. I appreciated his diverse sets that showed the bigger picture: all the possibilities of EMD.

  3. woah this one is pretty much all deep house..
    trippy considering how his radio sets seemed moved more into the hardcore/ breakbeat stuff years later.

  4. i went to LMU at the same time as dj sonic and i have a few tapes (somewhere!) that i recorded from illicit groove on kxlu w/ him talking in between sets. they are dope! will find and send JB

  5. I’m in the process of posting 9 shows, that span from April of 91 to Oct of 91….Making copies to donate here as well.

  6. I grew up in Victorville, CA, and somehow one radio picked up KXLU perfectly. Illicit Groove, and We Came From Beyond kept me awake many weekends. Good memories of exciting new musics.

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