Old School Fresh Jive Designs (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our ongoing series featuring oldschool designs from Los Angeles street wear brand Freshjive / Raw Vibes.

The next installment will feature designs made exclusively for raves and clubs in the early 90’s.

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Fresh Jive Repeat

Fresh Jive Cow Head

Raw Vibes Button Guy

Fresh Jive / Raw Vibes Soul

Fresh Jive Citrus

Fresh Jive Twister

Fresh Jive The Big Payola

If you have any classic Freshjive, CloBBer, 26red, Anarchic Adjustment, or other rave oriented streetwear brands from the late 80’s early 90’s that you would be interested in parting with, please let us know.

10 thoughts on “Old School Fresh Jive Designs (Part 2)”

  1. holy cow! i totally forgot about fresh jive! i remember being at raves and seeing the fresh jive booths up here in the SF bay area. i had three stickers on my car at the time and fresh jive was one of them (the other two were 26red and if?).

  2. Love the classics. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to snap a pic of my “FRESH JIVE BAGGAGE CLAIM” embroider – one of my faves.

  3. Man I miss these old designs….great to see them again. Fresh Jive was a favorite. Would love to see some old Mr. Friendly stuff also.

  4. wow i was all into this stuff in 90s i was a big time raver !
    i miss those days ! do you no were i can buy any ???????

  5. WOAH! This is some shit right here!! Wish they still put this kind of stuff out. Fresh Jive is pretty weak now.

  6. yo sick with it been club kidding since 95 big barrel bragging 50’s each leg and feeling felix the cat with glow in the dark eyes, a bag of ring pops and two six dollar glow sticks from the auto section and it was speaker fuckin til the break of dawn hearing dj steve santoro and scott quick mixes in my head all the way home and then some just scored some old school big barrel red and black and thick threaded greed pants with the stash pockets on the barrels to confuse the easily confused when we got pulled over stay up cause we can vinyl dj for life djsmilez

  7. And what ’bout the riot t that Rick busted out just as the riots in LA were beginning. Still got it! Sick shit!

  8. it’s a crying shame that freshjive let their shirt designs get so boring. i’m sure it’s tough to produce hits everytime they create but come on! the shit freshjive puts out now looks like you would find it at a TJ Maxx for 5.95. no lie.

    I shake my head at freshjive, fuct, and the rest who dropped the ball on the culture.

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