Doc Martin – Goa Aum With Yourself (Flammable Groove)



This is one of my favorite mixed tapes from one of my favorite DJs – Doc Martin. If you were lucky enough to experience the legendary LA after-hours, Flammable Liquid, or one of the many amazing sets Doc laid down in the early ’90s, then this classic mixed tape is sure to bring back some great memories for you.

Doc Martin – Goa Aum With Yourself (Flammable Groove) (Side 1)


Doc Martin – Goa Aum With Yourself (Flammable Groove) (Side 2)


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Paradise’s Deep Groove – I Love – E Legal
House Faze – Come…With…Me… (First Mix) – Final Cut
Orbital – Steel Cube Idolatry – FFRR
Fortune & Fame – Is This Your Life (A.B. Bass Mix) – Stealth Records
Temperance – Hipnosense – Hi-Bias Records Inc.
Nu-Tekk – Happiness (It’s A House Thang) – Oh’Zone Records
No Smoke – Koro-Koro – Warriors Dance
Flow – Another Time – Bottom Line Records
Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes* & 3MB – Famous Last Words – Tresor
E-Culture – Unification – Strictly Rhythm
DV8 – Freedom – Strictly Rhythm
Underground Dream – Love Me Right – Partners Inc.
Travis Nelson – (It’s A) Luv Thang – Planet Records
4th Measure Men – 4 You – Area 10
O.D.C. – My Mind Is Going – Bottom Line Records
Jam & Spoon – Stella – R & S Records
The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Playtime Toons – Shaker Song – Not On Label
49th Floor – Night Passage – Vibraphone Records

60 thoughts on “Doc Martin – Goa Aum With Yourself (Flammable Groove)”

  1. What a privilege to be part of this, this is some dope shit. Love House always have always will. Thanx Doc and you guys

  2. “Sinergia – Love Me Right – Just In Time Recordings” is not on this tape. I’ve got this record and it is mis-identified as one of the tracks on side two. Not sure where you got this ID from.

  3. Love Me Right was by Partners Inc.

    What’s the name of the sitar track? I never knew the name of it.

  4. Hey Simfonik-

    Yes, that’s the Partners Inc. record that paled on Goa Aum With Yourself.

    Good find.

  5. I was just introduced to this site… this is so bad ass… I can’t wait to send it to all my old buddies (with whom I’m still friends with). They are gonna freak. Soooooo many amazing memories and outstanding music. Thank you so much simfonik!!! Now I’ve gotta go to my parents and go through all my old shit, I know I’ve got some good stuff hiding someplace.

    Something to be said about being a purist.

    Thanks from a born-n-raised Angelino


  6. I still listen to this tape hahaha….the sitar track for whoever was asking is i believe Ricky the Dragon but id have to look at the record its on the same label as Fortune and Fame if i remember correctly the label is callled Stealth Records.

  7. Simfonk ooops wrong stealth record Ricky The Dragon is the track that samples Chaka Kahn ‘I Think I Love You’

  8. SO HAPPY to find this!!!! i had this tape, but it melted in my car in the hot l.a. sun and then eaten by the tape player. but not before i memorized every BEAT. i just heard DJ spun drop “unification” on an online set last night. :)

  9. Yo Bubble what up, dude. Its Pedro, of course lol.

    What up Chilrok? Say whats to Dash2k and ole’ Swannie for me… they know the score.

  10. …was there all the way, partying, promoting, loving, consuming, groovin’… doc’s set at 808 State in September ’91 & so many more thereafter… his Circa ’92 set in April at the Shrine & every Flammable since ’91… one of the most memorable was in a mansion downtown near Adams. doc had put candles around his turntables, in front of bay round windows, overlooking downtown LA. we watched the sun come up as we grooved the whole night / morning. and how could you forget Flammable the night of the earthquake & the New Moon Cafe downtown on San Pedro (no longer there)… OMG!!! great, greatness at it’s best.

  11. Doc u bring back the memories of flammable liquid and citrosonic and all other after hours I went to hear the best music art thanks for those times..

  12. Thanks Doc for all the best art music brings back memories of LA after hours…I finnaly got the music back that I had lost…

  13. i have to thank you folks for being smart enough to keep all that stuff. i had it for years but eventually it got lost. i had been looking for go aum wit urself for ever we had copies that eventually went to shit, i started offering people money(100s) for a copy but it seemed nobody still had a copy, great to see someone converted it to MP3. i grew up with DJ MILKY, he played mostly the hip-hop rooms. He is clearly on the flyer for FRUITCAKE but he played GRALINES SHOES amongst others. He also played NO-DOZ at the coconut teaser for Ron D Core many times. I still believe he was one of the first to put some of the Hip Hop stuff with techno. Obviously no knock on DJ Dan but i heard a tape where he absolutly used a mix 5-10 years after Milky had used it. It was using Ice-Ts colors over a techno beat. keep posting that stuff and we who were there will keep reliving it. THANKS again!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Still looking for Doc’s ‘Unification of a House Nation” 92/93 tape. Another one I carelessly let slip through. Man o’ man do I especially miss that one .

  15. 2 tracks not listed yet….are
    Green Baize-Game of chance
    Earth Science-It’s so good
    And I have that “United we stand” track…dug for an hour…no luck yet.hehe maybe later

  16. Ray Day / Headless Horseman – United / The Beat Goes On

    Thanks for the other two ID’s! : )

  17. Attention Omar..

    You just made my month brother. Many props for uploading this tape. I’m having flashbacks already. Many thanks and best to you!

  18. This is excellent!
    I was there, it takes you right back to that sweaty warehouse.
    Thanks a ton- and also for the tracklist.

  19. I absolutely love this…I went to 95% of all Flammable and I loved his housey/jazz stuff that he played in the end of his sets. I just started listening but hope some of it is on here.

  20. What a result! I have been trying to track down these mixes since I left L.A. 1992……… Myself , Big Dave , Matt and of course Rose watching Dave seven bouncing off the walls , sweating and smiling, I always knew they would surface , but it makes me feel like I`m there and already looking forward to Sunday Love !!

  21. What a result! I have been trying to track down these mixes since I left L.A. 1992……… Myself , Big Dave , Matt and of course Rose watching Dave seven bouncing off the walls , sweating and smiling, I always knew they would surface , but it makes me feel like I`m there and already looking forward to Sunday Love !!

  22. The name of the first track on side two is…..

    1st Tribal Vinyl Gathering Of The I.S.T.
    By – I.S.T.
    On – Dope Promotional Fly Copy


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