DJ Thee-O and The Kandyman – Us & Them

Special thanks to Tef of CPU101 for hooking this one up.

Us & Them, recorded in 1992 under the name Hidden Threat Productions, was the first mixed tape from DJ Thee-O and The Kandyman.

I caught up with Thee-O a couple of weeks ago and he was kind enough to lend us pretty much the entire Biohazard catalog and some other goodies you won’t want to miss – so stay tuned! If you haven’t heard him play in a while you should check out this mix by Thee-O and Barry Weaver, recorded at Monday Night Social on Monday March 16th, 2009 at Nacional in Hollywood.

I was able to ID all but 3 of the tracks on the Thee-O side, but drew a blank with most of The Kandyman’s side. If you’re able to fill in any blanks please post them in the comments.

DJ Thee-O – Us & Them (Side A)


The Kandyman – Us & Them (Side B)


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Interface – Ha! – Rising High Records
Adam X & Frankie Bones – Getting High – Fabulous Music UK (scratching)
The Nightbreed – No Other – Little Giant Music
Interface – It’s Tekno – Rising High Records
Game Boys – Tetris – Daily Music

Return Of The Living Acid – Get Funky! – Chill
Kicks Like A Mule – The Bouncer – Tribal Bass Records
The Nightbreed – Delirium – Little Giant Music
Acen – Close Your Eyes (Remix I) (Optikonfusion!) – Production House

Messiah – There Is No Law – Kickin Records
Wishdokta – Wasted (Out Of Skins Mix) – Kickin Records
SL2 – Way In My Brain – XL Recordings
2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone – Byte Records
Beltram – Energy Flash – R & S Records
Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia – Street Beats
Master Techno – Capone Stage – TOP Secret Recordings

9 thoughts on “DJ Thee-O and The Kandyman – Us & Them”

  1. Wow. I haven’t heard this mix tape in 17 years. Crazy. Thanks for posting this. Can’t wait to hear some of the others. :)

  2. OMFG!!!!!

    I’ve been looking for this for years!!!! We were friends with the Kandyman and he gave us a copy right around the time of Under the Kandyground(at La Casa), but the tape got lost. I messaged Thee-o but he was never able to find it for me. Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!

    Now all I need is that elusive Aldo Bender Happy Wednesdays tape and my replacement of all my old tapes is complete. I will help with IDs over the next few days. Thanks again. Made my day.

  3. Here’s some of the tracks on the Kandyman side:

    Atomic Brain
    Second Wave, The – Let The Groove Move
    909 AD – Right Here, Right Now
    DJ Splix – Parsley

    I’m not including the ones I know you know like Energy Flash, etc…

  4. I recall purchasing this tape through pure acid mixtapes back when i was in like 7th grade. Red paper cover with a colored tape! Classic Oldskool style!! Played that shit to death too..

    Wasnt on a tape like above, but then again who knows if anybody owns the originals?

  5. this is the best website i’ve come across in a long time!!!! reminds me of when i was a kid raving it up!!!!

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