DJ Mellinfunk & Oscar Da Grouch – Live At What?


It’s been 16 years to the day, but not the hour (it’s not that late yet), since this mixed tape was recorded. These mixes were recorded at the legendary Los Angeles after-hours What? on Friday, March 5th 1993. I’m not positive, but I believe the recordings are of DJ Trance (side a) and Oscar Da Grouch (side b). If anyone has a better memory than I do, please feel free to correct my assumptions. Regardless of the DJ’s there’s some great oldschool techno on this tape.

DJ Mellinfunk – Live At What? 3-5-93 (Side A)


Oscar Da Grouch – Live At What? 3-5-93 (Side B)


Some of the tracks in this mix:
M-D-Emm – Got Any Hardcore? – Strictly Underground Records
D.J. XPIN – Hypersonic – PR Records
Insane Poetry – How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?!! – Ichiban Records
Trashman – Cosmotrash – Music Man Records
Tribal Force – Huga Chaka – K.N.O.R. Records
Defcon – Defcon (Theme) – Hithouse Records
Butsch – The Count – Little Giant Music
80 Aum – Standing On Top – 80 Aum Records
Twin Bass – Daze Of Reality – Kickin Records
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Peace & Loveism (4 Hero Remix) – Suburban Base Records
Dread – Quantum Leap – 786 Approved
Rave Gang – Housy Hip Hop – Hithouse Records
T. Vee – Combiner Two (The Harder Trax E.P.) – Rave 55
T. Vee – U Are A Sucker – Rave 55
Dyewitness – What Would You Like To Hear Again? – Mid-Town Records
Psychic Parasite – Talk Dirty – Force Inc. Music Works
Brain Damage – Sabre Dance – K.N.O.R. Records
Scarface – I’ll Take You All To Fuckin’ Hell – Brrr Records
Dyewitness – I Am The Creator – Mid-Town Records

Edit: Updated post to correct DJ credits after receiving confirmations. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “DJ Mellinfunk & Oscar Da Grouch – Live At What?”

  1. Hell yes!! Thank you so much for posting this. I have some tapes that I’m going to send you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Speechless! Keep em comin’! I’m on one of those sides somewhere. Thanks for posting!

  3. Awesome! How did you get this? Good memories.

    The “How you gonna reason with a psycho” mix is definitely Mellonfunk.

  4. @ Fester – I’ve got another What? tape that has one of your mixes (I think!). I’ll shoot you an email before I post it up so you can confirm or deny.

    @ Mojo – I don’t remember who I got these from for sure. It’s been years!

    Mellinfunk makes sense. Thanks for confirming! (I haven’t forgotten about those records btw… email coming your way)

  5. Thanks again for posting. No need to confirm with me. I’m just thankful you recorded these and archived them for everyone to enjoy. Good times!

    What up MOJO!?!?!!!

  6. You bet! I’m glad people are enjoying them.

    One of the What? tapes I’ll be posting has a mix with The Beatles – Revolution 9 on it. I’m really interested in figuring out who that was. I think Car & Driver – Clubcraft EP was in the same set.

  7. This IS AMAZING…and brings back sooooo many memories. I have a bag of DJ tapes that I am so happy I did not get rid of. I will start sending out some of the mixes. I think I have some Doc Martin, Trance, RonDCore, Jon Bishop (from SD) and Keoki. Thank you again for this site!

  8. wow thats mos def me thats along time brings back so many memories thx for the blast from the past……….how u gonna reason with a pshyco

  9. Mellinfunk, what is the last track on your mix. The one right after Sons of the Loop da Loop Era – Peace &

    Thanks for all the Memories guys. Can we get. Club What Reunion?

  10. Awesome bro I was looking for the techno version of how ya gonna reason with a psycho brings back good memories of the LA rave scene.

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