Old School cloBBer Designs (Part 1)

“Made tough and comfy for nocturnal activitys. A size guage color or feel to compliment any occasion: Being a smart ass to a Dennys waitress at 4am. Impressing your friends by sticking your left ear to a mega watt thumping Cerwin Vega. A neuron firing sugar rush from ten too many rasperry blowpops. Getting frisked by some over zealous renta cop. Winding down watching endless cartoons. Made in Los Angeles CA and available virtually nowhere.” – cloBBer

cloBBer – A Bubbling Pool of Mindless Groovology

cloBBer – Color Chemistry

Heavy cloBBer – Megawhat Optic Groovology

cloBBer – Hi Tech Low Budget Series

6 thoughts on “Old School cloBBer Designs (Part 1)”

  1. This is incredible!
    Your blog is amazing!
    Please don’t stop posting!
    I can’t wait to see even more!
    Oh yes… I love exclamation points!!

  2. Silas is rocking it as the creative director for the Cartoon Channel Asia (Turner Networks) (Feb 2012) (I was his business partner)

  3. Amazing to see this again. Hard to believe there hasn’t been a documentary on fresh jive and clobber. Clearly there is a story there.

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