cloBBer Rave Clothing Advertisements

cloBBer was a Los Angeles (La Mirada to be more precise) based clothing company, started by Thomas Gallo and Silas Hickey, that operated from 1991-1993. Silas Hickey still works as a designer and is based out of Australia. Below are two 1992 ad creatives from cloBBer.

cloBBer – Low Budget High Tech
clobber – Fatter Fibers For Your Body

4 thoughts on “cloBBer Rave Clothing Advertisements”

  1. Cool! I loved CloBBer shirts. I remember buying a CloBBer shirt at a shop that was below Street Sounds on Melrose in 1992. It was read and I always had to wash it buy itself as the dye would run and color other things in the wash with it.

  2. Clobber correction – after 6 months of operation with Silas as the designer and Thomas Gallo as CEO became problematic to Silas’ vision. Rob Howard was brought in as CEO and Galllo went to sales. UPDATE – Silas Hickey lives in Japan with his wife and daughter. His current job title is Creative Director of the Cartoon Channel Asia (A Turner Company) Thom Gallo is AWOL. After producing and directing several music videos and commercials, Rob Howard is in Boulder Colorado doing non-profit inner city media education and educate & advocate special needs snow sports, and sometimes spins intelligent beats at

  3. I used to rock Fresh Jive, Anarchic Adjustment and possibly Clobber back in the day…”where were you in ’92”?. I can tell you MIA, I was raving.

    We had our scene and it was the real deal. Anyway, these clothes quickly became the fashion memes for the subculture. If you had one, then those in the know, knew. Lots of fun…sometimes I get nostalgic, but then my 3 yr old son asks me for cookies.

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