Barry Weaver – Trip Train


This mixed tape by Barry Weaver, from 1992, was released by The Milky Way Acid House Family (Mike Paris). I ran into Mike several years ago, he’s working in real estate, and he didn’t have any tapes saved unfortunately. These Milkyway rave tapes are pretty elusive now; so if anyone has any others, especially any of the Steve Loria tapes, please let me know.

Barry Weaver – Trip Train (Side A):


Barry Weaver – Trip Train (Side B):


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Master Techno – Capone Stage
2 Fabiola – The Milkyway
X-101 – Sonic Destroyer
Christian Jay Bolland – Mindwar
Tenaki – Infamia
World Dominance – Compression Remix
Venom – I Need Your Love
Timebase Feat. Kromozone – Fireball
Altern 8 – Frequency
Quartz – We Got Energy
The Lemon Heads – Frequency-One
The Pied Piper – Dreamers (Lucid Dream Mix)
World – Zultan
Digital Excitation – Dream Party
Mainx – 88 To Piano
ABC – (How To Be A) Millionaire (Accapella)
Baby Ford – In Your Blood
Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)
Fazer – Tekknological Crime
Intellect – Throw Your Hands Up
Energizer – Touch The Energy
Holy Noise Featuring The Global Insert Project – James Brown Is Still Alive
Interstellar Overdrive – Excited

Big thanks to DJMojo for his help filling in most of the gaps on the track list. If you’re able to fill in anymore please post them in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Barry Weaver – Trip Train”

  1. I can listen to this at work (where EVERYTHING is usually blocked) — YES!! You’ve made my day! =D

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to put all of this together. Honestly. =)

    xoxo — crazy oldskool l.a. raver chick .. stuck behind her desk typing boring reports all day but singin & rushin to … 2 FABIOLA FOR THE BIGGAH & BOLDAH lol

  2. Kimi, send him in my oscar the grouch tape you have, so he can post that sh!t up on here so i can get a copy of it again =]


  3. I love this mix! I think it was just a plain white tape IIRC.

    What’s that oscar tape you mentioned mark? Did you send it to him?

  4. This site is incredible. Thanks to all of the people that have kept this amazing period in my life and many others) alive. These tunes bring back so many great memories.

  5. Great upload! TIMELESS!

    Any chance of anyone having a copy of Barry live @ TECHNOFLIGHT 1??? (at the spruce goose not the shrine)

    I had bootleg copy back in the day that we got from Manny at EXODUS RECORDS :)



  6. Side B @ 5:14 it is the Straight FM Mix of Digital Excitation’s “Dream Party.”

  7. DOUBLE HIT MICKEY reunites this saturday AUG.

    6th 2011 one time ONLY with:

    10PM till DAWN:
    your HOSTS:

    Daven the MAD HATTER
    Steve LeClair
    BIG “DADDY” Sean Perry – Projection & Visual Aid
    Mr. Kool Aid
    Barry Weaver
    Ron D Core
    Raymond Roker


    See you at the speakers.

  8. Just wanted to make a shout out to main man Josh Mclintock for showing to the Double Hit Mickey reunion – yo kid we put a dent in hat concrete dance floor! still keeping it real brotha! It was great seeing you there.

    The Sets: Mr. Kool Aid brought it all back right after Steve LeClair. Kool 1:30AM played nothing old Hip house/Acid House. Then it was on By Ron D Core bringing it strong for all the Oldskool hardcore heads. He played nothing but Techno Classics. Then at 4AM it was Barry Weaver………just had to be there Later. played mostly tracks from Train Trip…..enough said.

    Shaggy 8)

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