R.A.W. & DJ Trance – Wake Up L.A.!!!


R.A.W. and DJ Trance collaborated on a few mixed tapes with each other but none of them ever topped Wake Up L.A.!!!.

I’ve worn out several copies of this tape over the years and still enjoy listening to this day. I hope you enjoy it too.

R.A.W. – What The Fuck Is This?!:


DJ Trance – Increase The Voltage:


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
SMD – #2
Wishdokta & Eternal Bass – Eternal Expression
Elevation – Take Your Mind
Foul Play – Survival (Remix)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect (The Remix)
R.A.W. – Roughneck Sister Sue (different R.A.W.)
Hyper-On Experience – Thunder Grip
Bass Generator – The Event
Scarface – Speedy Gonzales
Static Substance – Ghetto People (Remix)
D’Cruze – World Within A World (Remix)
DJ Abraxas – Come In Running
Remo Don – Wonderful
The Criminal Minds – Toxic Culture
SMD – #2
Aurora – Entrancer
DJ Edge – Spirit
Aphex Twin – Polynomial-C
Acen – Window In The Sky
DJ Krome & Mr Time – The Slammer
Cloud 9 – You Got Me Burnin’

24 thoughts on “R.A.W. & DJ Trance – Wake Up L.A.!!!”

  1. Hi Luna,

    Yeah, some old fliers would be great. I have a pretty decent collection of them myself, but there are definitely some gaps.

    Thanks! :)

  2. Howz it. I grew up in LA, and I got this web site from and add you places about 4 turntable madness 101. I had a copy of this tape, and hear it live at the shark club for insomniac’s 1 year anniversary. I just made it in the door before it sold out, and my brother could’nt get in. Thjat was a sick night, and a sick mix. If you have that classic red tape I would love a copy.
    I have plenty of old stuff myself.
    Also thanks for the power tools mix. I recorded that mix back in the day along with a few other from R.A.W., and trance.

  3. this is the best old skool hardcore tape ever IMO, haven’t heard it in ages. the master copy has been lost so this one up here is invaluable. thanks brother!

  4. Simfonik…….Howz it brah. Any luck on the 4 turntable madness. As far as the internet goes you’re the only person that still has a copy of this. Please upload to your page.
    Ps … the mojo mix was oldschool. Brought back memories of Family..

  5. High Simfonik!

    Thanks for making this available. Your the man! This is by far my favorite R.A.W Mixtape ever. Does anyone have the playlist for this? Stellar breaks & fast cuts, Hardcore will never die! Having a total flashback from Insomniac & What? and FAMILY after hours right now. I miss the bass and hive of ravers bouncing in front of a wall of speakers in a total state of bliss.

    One Love,

  6. What is the name of the track@ 27:10 thru 30:46? samples Bob Marley “Jammin”. I love that ragga jungle type stuff.

  7. skills on this tape are 2nd to none still better mixes and music than any dj throwin down in salt lake city now thanks for the motivation to keep playin vinyl and vinyl only stay up djsmilez

  8. This mixtape reminds me of fogging up the display case at beat non stop* :) It would be awesome to see them work together again. mad respekt –

  9. Javi:

    Anyone know what’s the name of the tune @27:10 thru 30:46 on the R.A.W. mix?

    check knightforce records dont remember the name but have the vinyl somewhere,

  10. Javi R.:

    What is the name of the track@ 27:10 thru 30:46? samples Bob Marley “Jammin”. I love that ragga jungle type stuff.

    Knight Force Records The Erb by The Trip original mix released in ’93!

  11. On the cover art it says vol. 2… Was there ever a vol.1? Never heard or seen anything..

  12. Randall as far as I know there never was a volume 1. I used to always be hitting up Pure Acid for tapes and amongsnt my friends we never came up on or heard of the volume 1 ! ..and SIMFONIK YOU ARE THEE MAN love the site man takes me back to the gritty street grime dirty warehouses,techno scummed floors and all that great shit.

  13. I lucked out on finding this site and I have to say “Thank You!!!” My cousin and I listened to most of these sets hours on end!!! This R.A.W. and Trance mix tape has been my all time favorite. Much props for taking my back to a time a long time ago!

  14. it said vol 2 because “raw/trance live at what” was vol 1
    playlist i have NO idea on either side
    both sides are TOTALLY different and thru the years (it’s been almost 20) sometimes i like RAWs side, sometimes i connect with my side etc.
    the last 15 minutes of my side (dj trance side) is the part i reeeally like, one time i played it over and over thru tears…
    RAWs whole side is just 10 years at least ahead of its time
    the tape cover i made out of cutting out comic book parts, inspired by Ren & Stimpy

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