R.A.W. – Turntable Psycho 1992


R.A.W. has been at the forefront of innovating the sounds of the Los Angeles underground since 1991. This is his original Turntable Psycho mix from 1992.

R.A.W. – Turntable Psycho 1992 (Side A):


R.A.W. – Turntable Psycho 1992 (Side B):


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
Johnny Potatohead – Vicious
Mantronix – King Of The Beats
2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare
Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge
Destruction Production – Best Mindfuck Yet
Smart E’s – Sesame’s Treet
2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare (Remix)
New York Style – Shut Up
Yolk – Bish Bosh
Boyzland & Wagga T – Coming On Strong
Force Mass Motion – Explosion
The Criminal Minds – Presence
Yolk – Music 4 Du People
Turntable Hype – Casanova Make You Jump
Project One – Can’t Take The Heart Break
Ace The Space – 9 Is A Classic
Altern 8 – Activ 8 / Frequency (Live Outside Shelley’s, Longton)

17 thoughts on “R.A.W. – Turntable Psycho 1992”

  1. Back in the days he turn some of the sickest tunes.
    I always wonder how he got all those chunes before
    anyone else. We were also phycho raving to all those
    unstolen memories. I’m looking for a free tape that
    he gave away in a small and one of the baddest
    raves that took place in the Belmont Tunnel in the
    small building in Los Angeles Califas. The year
    might be 93, not so shure I had that Clear see thru
    tape but it got magnetize, shittt…. I only spoke with him
    once as he was walking in front of MAYA in Melrose
    Hollywood… L.A.U.S.D. in the house.

  2. yup, this is the all time best tape ever… i had got this from one of his friends and i had it for years, always made sure to never lose it, it was always stashed and never damaged. then i went crazy and ended up in the hospital and the movers who packed all my stuff stole this and other stuff too… this is the real dub right here… its so funny how people are thinking they know whats up and they have the bunk version. i just hope this page doesnt blow up with people finding it… as soon as i get paid, im gonna contribute some funds for bringing this shit back, and the others i remember on here… well actually im gonna have to do it on the following payday… you know i had searched for years online trying to find this?? its always been that other one, cant stand that… i also had a friend of mine email “you know who” and let him no that i went mentally insane and this was the only tape that helped me, and it got stolen, but he said he couldnt help… its cool, he will always be the best of the best, nobody can step up to him…i used to have an older tape of his that was just as killer… what is good is that on my tape at the very end where its like a prayer being said or something, the tape had ran out before the actual end, so now i finally heard the last few seconds of it… thanks a million for this, i would of wandered lost with only the tape playing in my head…

  3. He has the bombscare beat in the backround for almost the entire time on side A…..

  4. Ace the Space : 9 Is A Classic !!!!

    I havn’t heard this since 1992 8)

    Was never a fan of 9mm guns….but the 9 inch speakers part was a bit infectious.

  5. I had bought the later Turntable Psycho tape thinking it was gonna be this one… I was bummed it wasn’t!! Had this tape as well!! It was played to the point of no return!

  6. Shaggy – It’s After Bombscare and before Spring In My Step… There’s a track right between the two…

  7. Randall, Baker here. Its by C.Biz. Called the Crowd Says Rewind. Breakbeat. Spun over a version of the bombscare beat. I will even link it to you


    This tape is like DX2. It is what started us going in the first place. Classic. Raul at his best. Once he told me RAW meant Raunchy Ass Wettback…. but it really is Rules All Warehouses. RAW. Thats kind of funny.

    All the best, and thanks for the site, Simfonik.

  8. I’m looking for the ID on the track that plays after Best Mindfuck Yet. Any help would be appreciated :)

  9. Major layers going on here but 4:24 starts Schedule 3 “Break You Down” which also continues the 2 Bad Mice beat that someone mentioned…

  10. B side starts with Frankie Bones “Getting High” after the Depeche Mode sample. Urban Shakedown comes before Criminal Minds.

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