R.A.W. – Live On Power Tools 1994


This mix by R.A.W. is from early 1994 and was recorded for a Saturday night mix show in Los Angeles called Power Tools.

R.A.W. – Live On Power Tools 1994:


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Altern 8 Underground (8 Till L- 8 Mix) – Network Records
Nookie – Devotion – Reinforced Records
Hyper On Experience – Thundergrip – Moving Shadow
Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger – Suburban Base
The Untouchables – N’Joi This – Tough Toonz
D.A.C. Robinson – Lucky Strike – Rabbit City Records

If you know any other tracks please add them in a comment.

24 thoughts on “R.A.W. – Live On Power Tools 1994”

  1. Thanks for the IDs. I’ve added them to the list.

    @lonesome dave – Does the Kay9 track come in after Dark Stranger?

  2. R.A.W has always and always will rock the turn tables. I have been going to Raves since K-Rave in 1992. Some old school techno state 1994 rave in the valley with DJ Trance rocking it. Yeah!

  3. I listened to this mix the night it was mixed on powertools. I like to add this is one of my favorite mixes on powertools.

  4. me too eric! it’s so awesome to be able to hear these from the past.. thnx simfonik! ;D

  5. Given some fricken thanks for this one right here!! an absolute favorite as well!! some serious track selection/programming. Proper skills on this mix. So thankful to own a clean copy of this.. Thank You!!

  6. what track is after crazy bad bwoy- K9 ??? its not on here and its the dopest track. any help ???

  7. Woah nice! I vividly remember hearing this mix live on PowerTools. I loved RAW for his aggressive style – he’s a real ‘DJ’s DJ.’

  8. THIS ONE !!! I had taped it from Power Tools and cant count how many times I played it. Then around 2000/1-ish I saw RAW do a set somewhere in the South Bay and it was so similar to this, I was jumping around like a madman. I have been looking for this for years, THANKS FOR SHARING.

  9. The last track is:
    F.U.S.E. – Logikal Nonsense
    For more L.A. Underground early ’90s mixtapes checkout

  10. Omar, that mixcloud is tits… brings back mad memories… was at a ton of those parties

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