Digital Boy – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition

This event was on March 7th, 1992 and featured Italy’s Digital Boy. It was produced by R.E.A.L. Events and the flyer included an 8″flexi-record containing a mix of tracks by Digital Boy, an excerpt of My Sound by Joey Beltram, and a voice over from Romeo Romeo.

Digital Boy – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition:


4 thoughts on “Digital Boy – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition”

  1. YES!!!! i didn’t move to cali until 93, but my friend who had been living in SF had this flier and i played it so much it was probably in danger of getting worn out. listening to it fueled my rave dreams (as i was stuck in the cornfields of the midwest) :) NEVER FORGOT that VO saying “….doc martin, eli star, aldo bender…” i had been looking for a way to hear it again, but dind’t remember anything other than it was a flexipop record and was an l.a. party circa 92. so thank you for putting it up. :D :D :D

  2. I was there, this was at the time that the rave was now…not underground anymore. Music was good. The crowd was TERRIBLE…too many gangsters…

  3. Oh Heow Yeah I was there…X-L’n..Candy Flip’N ..if you Know….what i Mean =D…this was an Insane Dance of Sound Waves…It was the First and Last Time….I Ever X-Perienced ….FOUR!!!… Freak’n Dj’s at the Same Time!!!..That could Maximise to 8 DIFFERENT TRACKS AT THE SAME TIME???…it was an Ocean of SOUND!!!…Digital Boy came ON…an some Started to Mosh Like Punkers???…an Digital Boy….by him self Slowed down the Music and Made them Stop and Break them Up!!!…an Then..He Continued his Live Set…I Lost the Flyer…but have The Floppy Album to this Day….Whew!!!..=D

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