DJ Trance & R.A.W. – Live At What?


I have 4 “Live At What?” tapes that I’ll be posting up over the next few weeks. This is my favorite of the four and has two of the best mixes I’ve ever heard from R.A.W. and DJ Trance. Ready? OK! Here we go…

DJ Trance – Live At What?:


R.A.W. – Live At What?:


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
Bass Selective – The Incredible Bass Machine
Kev Bird – Let’s Turn It Out
DJ Dynamic And DJ Phuturistic – Kicked Into Orbit
Wishdokta – Rush Hour (Last Minute Mix)
Aurora – Entrancer
Darwin Chamber – Go Captain!!!
Neon – The Creator
Citadel Of Kaos – It’s Not Over
Freestyle (7) & DJR – Madness
Bald Terror – Hardcore
Nanga – The A-Free-Ka Dream
T99 – Anasthasia
The Prodigy – Your Love
A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Confusion

18 thoughts on “DJ Trance & R.A.W. – Live At What?”

  1. Simfonix,

    This was the first tape I ever got back in the days. Jason handed it to me when I was 17 at DMC Records on Melrose Ave when he was working there back in 93-94.

    Trance’s absolute masterpiece mix!! I can’t beleive I found this again. Lost the tape. Some A-hole jacked it from me! =(

    This is the most amazing moment on the internet I have ever had. Thank you so much for giving me my favorite mix back!!!!! =)

  2. Melrose is pretty depressing these days. I remember hopping from Street Sounds (when it was upstairs with Frank C and R.A.W. working there) to DMC (with Ron D Core, Vitamin D, DJ Trance, etc..), not to mention Prime Cuts and Beat Non Stop, and spending an entire day just digging through records and chatting it up with others. Happy I could bring back some memories for you. All these mixes hold many for me so I know how you feel.

  3. Wow I was just think of Frank C. He always had the great records waiting for me. Street Sounds was the best. I met so many different djs and producers before they made it big. Respect for this post.

  4. I just found this site a couple days ago. This brings back all kinds of memories. I too used to go to all the shops on Melrose and the raves in L.A. and I didn’t even live in L.A. My homies and I would drive 3 hours from Fresno just to listen to DJ Trance and R.A.W. I have a lot of their mixtapes if you want to post them.

  5. shiiiit i have been looking all OVER for some old live at what… the name makes it a google nightmare…
    fuck. yes.

  6. Cool to find this. I had this tape and lost it around 95. Brings back memories of WHAT and the days of real underground and
    warehouse parties! Good Times.




  7. Hans,
    Definitely good stuff!! I havent heard those names in a very long time.. Alot of good memories. Hard to believe it has been 20+ years since those days!

  8. Craig,

    Citro had the glowy fruit hangin low, Sketch had the favors spread freely, and More had the killer vibe at the Probe goin…. Those were the times. I don’t think they can ever be repeated.

  9. on an early 90s road trip to l.a. we went straight to DMC (we used to read early URB zines cover to cover) didn’t know who was working but they handed me this mixtape and it fucking changed my life forever. since then every DJ and mixtape has been measured against it and none of them ever came close. fuck what ya heard, this is the best mixtape ever made.

  10. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley. My Mom was a singer in a pretty popular 80s rock band. Growing up in Cali is crazy! There are so many different things going on so whatever you were into there was tons of people doing the same thing. I was 15 sitting on my front porch the time is approx 5pm, 6 hours before My life would be changed forever! The neighbor kid Lou walks up. Lou is like 18 different than anyone around there. He wore hula Hoop Jenkos and Fuct shirts, rainbow sox w toes in them, everything was always bright colors. I always thought he was cool but he was always busy and I was younger, but today was my lucky day!! He said “You should come check out this party tonight down in LA! Its gonna be sick!!” Im in!!! “Be ready around like midnight.” Ok cool!! Seemed late to me but I had to go see WHAT was going on that I was missing out on. Its like 12:30 and Lou comes out of his house trippin balls “Open up!! he said 2 dancing test tubes for you!” Acid???? Oh shit I never tripped before but I been wanting too! “HAHAHA Lou laughs for like 5mins before he says “Tonight you will born in to the LA Underground, Lets go!” Were flying down the hyway, Power tools is on the radio. I heard a little Techno up to this point in my life but mostly Rap and Metal. I didnt really know what happening?? The acid kicking in alittle and my head was bobbin to some bad ass sounds and Lou boppin all around the car lol, this was the coolest time I have had so far in life!! FUCK…I really had NO idea WHAT was about to go down!!! We pull up to the top of a parking garage Lou looks at me and says” R U READY???” Im pretty sure! I was feeling like something BIG was about to happen, man that acid was just starting to hit me and F it was STRONG!!!! I feel this rumble in the air!! WOW Im feeling that acid!! We get to the street and a line of people!!! Damn this is a long line! Every person that goes in I am 1 step closer! The anticipation is really, really high! I ask myself WHAT is going on in there??? There I am, next in!!! I give my 5bucks to the door guy. I walk in the music is pounding. I push the tarp to the side and BAM!!!! I finally found what was missing from my life!!!! WHAT! thats right! I never looked back. That was 27 years ago. I cant imagine life without WHAT, Family, Double Hit Mickeys, Double Dare, Om Labs, Aqua, Open House, ECT…….over the years I brought RAW aka6blocc to denver, Jason Blakemoore aka DJ Trance to the east coast. I have played and produced ever since and would not be me with out Lou RIP!!! Who remembers Circus lol the Married w Children kid? AnywaysLive Fast Dream Hard and Long Live Black Light Mafia, Enjoy!

  11. Love your story, Jay. That set on your soundcloud is f*$kin’ banging to! If you’re interested in continuing the trip down memory lane, checkout: it’s full of oldschool L.A. underground mixes.

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